RIP, Diana Wynne Jones

Man, it's been a bad year for authors, and it's still only March!  We lost another of the greats on Saturday, as British fantasy author Diana Wynne Jones passed away after a two-year battle with cancer.

Wynne Jones published books that were equally loved by children, teens, and adults, and writers as varied as J.K. Rowling to Neil Gaiman claim her as one of their greatest influences.

For more information about her rich life, read this obituary from School Library Journal, or this reminiscence from the blog of Neil Gaiman, who traveled to Britain to visit with her last week.  And for folks who haven't discovered her funny, wise, and witty fantasy books for all ages, check out some of these titles:

The Chronicles of Chrestomanci:

Charmed life 

The lives of Christopher Chant

Conrad's Fate

Witch week

The magicians of Caprona


The Derkholm series:

Dark Lord of Derkholm

Year of the Griffin


The Dalemark Quartet

 The Spellcoats

Drowned Ammet

Cart and Cwidder

Crown of Dalemark


The Howl's Moving Castle series

Howl's Moving Castle

Castle in the Air

House of Many Ways


And so many other wonderful stand-alone titles– HexwoodEnchanted Glass!  The upcoming "Earwig and the Witch!" 

 Diana, you will be missed.

Redwall author Brian Jacques dies at 71

It is a sad day for fans of Mossflower Woods!

Master storyteller and author Brian Jacques, prolific author of the anthropomorphic adventure series Redwall, died of a sudden heart attack on Saturday, February 5.  
Read here for an obituary of this wonderful author.

If you have not read books by Brian Jacques, what better way to honor his memory than to get hooked into a fantastic world of animals and adventure!  See below for a list of all books in the series (in publication date order) … and wait with the rest of us for the latest (and now likely final) book in the series, "Roque Crew," which will be published in May.

 1 Redwall View full image
 2 Mossflower View full image
 3 Mattimeo View full image
 4 Mariel of Redwall View full image
 5 Salamandastron View full image
 6 Martin the Warrior View full image
 7 Bellmaker, The View full image
 8 Outcast of Redwall View full image
 9 Pearls of Lutra, The View full image
 10 Long Patrol, The View full image 
 11 Marlfox View full image 
 12 Legend of Luke, The  View full image
 13 Lord Brocktree View full image 
 14 Taggerung View full image 
 15 Triss  View full image
 16 Loamhedge View full image 
 17 Rakkety Tam  View full image
 18 High Rhulain View full image 
 19 Eulalia! View full image 
20 Doomwyte View full image
21 Sable Quean, The View full image
 22 Roque Crew  Coming soon!