Fall and Halloween Programs This Week 10/22-10/26

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Tuesday – 10/22

Sebastopol – Pumpkin Carving Contest – 4 PM

Healdsburg – Edible Haunted Houses – 4 PM

Wednesday – 10/23

Northwest – Copper Etching – 3:30 PM

Rincon Valley – Castles and Crowns Chess Club 3-5 PM

Friday – 10/25

Cloverdale – Pumpkin Carving Contest – 3:30-5:30 PM

Rohnert Park – Haunted Houses Teen Building Contest – 3:30 PM

Saturday – 10/26

Northwest – Day of the Dead / Dia de los Muertos – 2-3 PM

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Sebastopol Pumpkin Carving Contest!

Vote Now!!!

Sebastopol had their teen pumpkin carving contest on Tuesday.  Here are the pumpkins that they created.  Vote for your favorite one by Tuesday, October 30th by making a comment!


Pumpkin Bulldog

#2:  Gabe the Ghost

#3:  Bob Swarley

#4:  B.A.T.

#6:  David Dracula

#6:  Luna

#7:  As you see it

#8:  Heart O' Lantern

#9:  Starry Eyes




Pumpkin Carving Contest for Teens!


Free Pumpkin Carving Contest for Teens!
(Ages 12 to 19)

We supply the pumpkins…you supply the creativity!

These branches will be hosting the pumpkin carving contest for teens:

Windsor, Saturday, October 20th at 2 pm
Sebastopol, Tuesday, October 23rd at 4 pm
Cloverdale, Thursday, October 25th at 3 pm
Healdsburg, Thursday, October 25th at 4 pm
Rohnert Park, Tuesday, October 30th at 3:30 pm

Contestants will have 1 hour to carve pumpkins.
Library patrons will vote for their favorite pumpkin.
Prizes awarded to the top three pumpkins.


Pumpkin Carving Contest at Sebastopol!

The Sebastopol branch hosted their first pumpkin carving contest for teens!  20 teens participated and 12 pumpkins were carved.  The public will get a chance to vote on their favorite pumpkin all next week.  If you would like to vote add a comment with your favorite pumpkin and your vote will be included in the tally.  Check out the other pumpkin carving contests at the Healdsburg branch on Tuesday, October 25th @ 3:30 and at the Rincon Valley branch on Wednesday, October 26th @ 3:30.

1. YouTube

2. Steve Jobs

3. Harry Potter

4. Charlie 3rd place

5. Kitty-Cat

6. Teddy

7. Flaming Skull

8.  Felicity  2nd place

9.  that Patty Tatt and the Funny Face

10.  Boo

11.  Isaac  1st place

12.  Emerging

October Teen Events!

Copper Etching Jewelry Workshop

               Wednesday, October 19th @ 3:30 pm
                    Northwest Branch
                    Limited Space, Call the Reference Desk for your spot!


Pumpkin Carving Contest 

               Thursday, October 20th @ 3:30
                     Central Branch
                     Rohnert Park Branch
                     Sebastopol Branch

                     Tuesday, October 25th @ 3:30
                      Healdsburg Branch

               Wednesday, Octboer 26th @ 3:30
                      Rincon Valley Branch

Contestants will have one hour to carve pumpkins.  Library patrons will vote for their favorite pumpkin.  Prizes awarded to the top three pumpkins. 

We supply the pumpkins…you supply the creativity! 

All of these programs are free for teens!

Pumpkin Carving Contest @ Petaluma, Healdsburg & Rincon Valley

Teens at the Petaluma, Central, Rincon Valley and Healdsburg branch carved pumpkins last week and yesterday.  The librarians took pictures of the pumpkins and the public are voting on their favorite pumpkin.  The teens were creative in their designs and pumpkin names.  In Petaluma teens named their pumpkins all sort of things like Jacka, A Trip to the Dentist and Cat got Mouse.  Below are a sampling of the pumpkins carved at the branches.  This event was a lot of fun but messy!  Stop by Petaluma, Central, Rincon Valley or Healdsburg to vote for your favorite pumpkin!

dscn2559.JPG Petaluma Branch

peta1a.JPG Petaluma Branch

peta2a.JPG Petaluma

peta3a.JPG Petaluma Branch

batunknown2.JPG Healdsburg Branch

teen-pumpkin-contest-oct-09-014.jpg Healdsburg Branch

teen-pumpkin-contest-oct-09-015.jpg Healdsburg Branch

teen-pumpkin-contest-oct-09-019.jpg Healdsburg Branch

cent3.jpg Central Branch

cent4.jpg Central Branch

central1.jpg Central Branch

rinc2.JPG Rincon Valley Branch

rinc4.JPG Rincon Valley Branch

rinc5.JPG Rincon Valley

Pumpkin Carving Contest

Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins!  We are beginning to see them everywhere.  This year four branches are hosting a Pumpkin Carving Contest for Teens.  We supply to pumpkins you supply the creativity.   There is a grand prize at each branch for the best pumpkin voted by the public.  We hope you come in and join the fun!  Check back soon for pictures! Petaluma Library:  Monday, October 19th @ 2 p.m. Central Library:  Monday, October 19 @ 4  p.m. Rincon Valley Library:  Thursday, October 22nd @ 3:30 p.m. Healdsburg Library:  Tuesday, October 27th @ 3 p.m. If you need some inspiration check out this website. Or check out a book by Tom Nardone, he has some interesting ideas.