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 Born to Run

by James Grippando

"When Jack receives an e-mail offering to sell information about President Keyes--information that could make Jack's dad the next president--he starts to dig deeper, gathering information from everyone from the late vice-president's widow to the sister of a slain tabloid reporter. And as if Jack didn't have enough trouble, he also must deal with the fact that he's turning 40. This, of course, is a subject of great humor for Jack's best friend and all-around wiseacre, ex-con Theo Knight. But Jack's more visible political profile spells trouble for his relationship with FBI agent Andie Henning, who fears her boyfriend's newfound status will negatively affect her career. Grippando ratchets up the action to a breakneck pace in the last half of the novel, stopping to liberally sprinkle the proceedings with snarky dialogue, pointed satire, and some touching father-son moments." -- Booklist