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 A Comrade Lost and Found

by Jan Wong

"In 1972, Jan Wong, then an enthusiastic Maoist, went to China as one of two foreign students invited to study for a year at Beijing University. Her communist sympathies had waned by the time she returned in the 1980s, when she witnessed the Tiananmen Massacre as foreign correspondent for The Globe and Mail. Those years were documented in her book Red China Blues. While researching the book, Wong revisited diaries from her Beijing University days and was horrified to discover that she had turned in Yin, a fellow student who wanted to go to America. At the time, it meant nothing to her. 'We thought she needed ideological work.' But now Wong knew the dark back story of China's cultural revolution. Haunted by her youthful folly, Wong sets out to find what became of the young woman she betrayed." -- The Globe and Mail