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 Deadly Intent

by Lynda La Plante

"DI Anna Travis is still smarting over the end of her love affair with Inspector James Langton, so when she's assigned to a murder case at a drug squat, where one of the victims is a former cop, she's relieved to focus on something besides her broken heart. Her new boss, DCI Carol Cunningham, however, is notorious for being demanding, and Anna knows she'll need to rein in her tendency to operate as a one-woman crime squad. But despite her good intentions, she can't help using her famous intuition, which leads her to the murder victim's wife, who just happens to be the former lover of notorious drug dealer Alexander Fitzpatrick. More bodies pile up, and it's clear the police have made little progress except for Anna, whose one-woman investigation is beginning to produce some frightening and unexpected results." -- Booklist