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Our Overdrive collection offers you access to hundreds of unabridged nonfiction and fiction digital audiobooks.

What are digital Audiobooks?

They’re digital versions of audiobooks that can be downloaded to computers and then transferred to portable listening devices that support Windows Media Player (WMA) 9.0 and higher. Once you’ve done that, you can listen to the audio books without being connected to the Internet.

How do I get started?

It’s easy! Step-by-step directions for working with the audiobooks books are available on the Overdrive website. A good starting point is the “Help” link in the upper right-hand corner the Overdrive homepage. There, you’ll find search tips, instructions for downloading and listening to audiobooks, links to online demos, and information about working with your account.

What kinds of titles are available?

You’ll find a wide range of adult teen and juvenile titles including bestsellers, book club favorites, classics, fiction, and nonfiction from popular authors and well-known publishers.

How many digital books can be checked out at one time?

Up to 3 titles. Once you’ve reached this limit, you will not be able to check out any additional titles until the license for a downloaded book has expired.

How long can I keep each title?

The loan period is 7 days.

Can I burn the audiobooks to CD?

Some audiobook titles may be burned to CD. On the title record page, the title may be burned to CD if you see this line:

Burn to CD allowed

 (burn to CD allowed)

Can I renew audiobooks?

Titles can be downloaded again when your checkout “expires” as long as there are no holds on the title.

Once the book is due, how do I return it?

It isn’t necessary for you to return digital books. On the due date, the license expires and the title is automatically returned. The digital file will remain on your computer, MP3 player, etc. but it will no longer be readable.

Can I accumulate overdue fines?

Because the titles are automatically returned, you will never be charged overdue fees.

Can I place a hold?

Overdrive audiobooks can be placed on hold, just like books.

What devices are compatible with Overdrive audiobooks?

Overdrive digital audiobooks can be listened to on a wide range of devices, including portable music players, portable media centers, Pocket PCs, and smartphones. More information about compatible devices is available on the library’s Overdrive site under the section Getting Started (Supported Portable Devices).

Can I listen to the digital audiobooks on my iPod?

Audiobooks are only available in Windows Media format, which is not compatible with Macs or iPods.

What happens if I have a question/problem working with the Overdrive audiobooks?

Extensive help pages are available on the website. Or you can email us.

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