Sonoma County Library


Troubleshooting the Web Catalog

Q. Trouble with links not working?

  1. JavaScript should not be turned off.

    Many parts of the web catalog work OK without JavaScript, but some parts only work if JavaScript is turned on. Check your web browser settings for "JavaScript" or "Active scripting" to turn this on.

    Security software such as Norton Internet Security, and security updates to your web browser or other Internet software, may be blocking JavaScript even if your web browser settings seem okay. You can try turning off any new options to see if that fixes the problem. If you need help changing the settings on your security software, please see the Help in your security program, or contact the technical support for the software.

    AOL users, we suggest trying this if you are experiencing problems:
    1. start up AOL
    2. minimize it (click the little box with a minus sign in it near the top right of the AOL window)
    3. start another web browser, such as Firefox or Internet Explorer
    4. use that to connect to our catalog

Q. Trouble with "expired" messages?

  1. Click the Refresh or Reload button. It may look similar to this: Recycling logo

Q. Trouble requesting a book?

  1. How to request

Q. Trouble renewing a book?

  1. How to log into your account and renew

Q. Other questions?

  1. Tutorial or Ask a Librarian