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Michael Llewellyn

Michael Llewellyn is the author of fourteen published books under various pen names in the genres of historical fiction, adventure, time travel, contemporary fiction, historical romance and nonfiction travel. A native of Fountain City, Tennessee, Michael comes from a long line of Southern writers and memoirists. His maternal grandmother was a published novelist, and his maternal grandfather was a Methodist minister who penned powerfully literate sermons. His mother, a kindergarten teacher, wrote children's stories, and a cousin, James Agee, won the Pulitzer Prize for his novel, A Death in the Family. Michael lived in New York's Greenwich Village twenty years, working as an advertising copywriter by day and writing novels in his spare time. In the '70s he published four historical romances under the name Maggie Lyons before relocating to the French Quarter where his passion for New Orleans and its history led to a travel book, Edge Guide: New Orleans. Itwas followed by Twelfth Night, a historical novel delving into the dark side of 1857 haute Creole society and the exotic caste system of the free people of color. The New Orleans Times-Picayune called it "the gilded bean in your carnival king cake." His latest book, Creole Son, focuses on French painter Edgar Degas and a turbulent 1872 visit to his New Orleans family which deeply impacted his artistic style. It will be followed in 2013 by Goat Castle: Murder and Madness in Mississippi, a fictionalized account of a sensational unsolved 1932 crime in Natchez, Mississippi. Michael lives in the California Wine Country, where he is working on a historical novel about Storyville, New Orleans' infamous red light district.

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