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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I get a library card?

How do I reserve a book, or place a hold on a book?

How do I get into the catalog?

How can I renew a book?

How do I get email notification of my holds and fines?

Does the Library protect my online privacy?

How can I ask a librarian a reference question?

How can I request a copy of an obituary?

How can I contact somebody for other questions about the library?

How do I get a book or other materials from another library?

How can I ask the Library to buy a title I want?

How can I find the children's programs?

How do I find out about using the Foundation Center grant search or about getting grant money in general?

How do I use the Internet computers in the Library?

Can I get wireless Internet access in the Library?

How can I volunteer to work in the Library?

How can I volunteer to teach someone to read?

How can I join a Library Friends group?