Classic Horror

Things that go bump in the night!

Waking Dark
Waking Dark
By Robin Wasserman

There are five survivors from the Killing Day, a day where ordinary people became murderers. A dark evil lurks beneath their quiet Kansas town, an evil that is waking and very hungry.

I Hunt Killers

I Hunt Killers
By Barry Lyga

Jazz’s dad is a convicted serial killer and taught Jazz everything he knows. When a new series of killings begin, can the town trust Jazz and his unique education to help hunt a killer? Can Jazz trust himself not to follow in dear old dad’s foot steps?


By Dan Poblocki

Timothy and Abigail, two ordinary high school students get paired up for a school project. Suddenly they are both suffering through their greatest fears each night. Unable to rest they seek the source of their nightmares.


Lockdown: Escape from Furnace 
By  Alexander Gordon Smith

Only the bad kids go into Furnace Penitentiary, or so Alex thought.  When he is framed for murder he finds himself incarcerated in the penitentiary.  There, Alex is subject to the rule of deformed Furnace guards and their horrifying guard creatures. Can he escape?

 Mercy book cover

Mercy the Last New England Vampire
by Sarah Thomson

Haley is a stressed out 14 year old girl, whose cousin is terminally ill. While digging through family history she discovers a disturbing New England tradition. Sometimes traditions help horrors from the past live longer than they should.

 Revenge of the Witch

Last Apprentice # 1: Revenge of the Witch
By Joseph Delaney

Thomas Ward is the last of old Gregory’s apprentices. The others studying to capture horrific creatures have left for various reasons including an unfortunate demise or two.  Thomas is determined  to make it through his training ,or die trying.



By Rick Yancey

Will Henry is learning to hunt monsters. His mentor discovers a pod of Anthropophagus, monsters that eat people using a mouth in their chests. Can Will Henry and Dr. Warthrop stop the flesh eating pod before  they consume the world?

Marbury Lens

Marbury Lens
By Andrew Smith

Enjoying his summer break with a friend in London, Jack is handed a pair of glasses by a stranger. What these glasses show Jack about the world around him is terrifying.  Jack is thrust into a dark and horrifying reality where friend is foe and war surrounds him.

 Long Lankin

Long Lankin
By Lindsay Barraclough

Byers Guerdon is an isolated town where Cora and Mimi are sent to stay with their rigid Aunt. Feeling less than welcomed, the girls can only hope to escape the evil that lurks around every corner in Guerdon Hall.


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