Great Reads for 7th and 8th Grades

These books have been hand-picked by Sonoma County Librarians to meet the reading interests of 7th and 8th graders. If you see an asterisk (*) next to a title on this list it means that there is a sequel, or other books that follow it. If you need help finding these just ask us.

Book Cover of Fire Girl

by Tony Abbot     
Tom has his own problems, why should he befriend some freak girl?  But in just three short weeks, his life is changed when Jessica, a girl disfigured by burns, starts attending his school.

Book Cover of George Washington, Spymaster
George Washington, Spymaster
by Thomas B. Allen
Codes and ciphers, invisible ink and secret messages, spies and counterspies! Washington's role as spymaster adds a fascinating perspective on the life of this founding father, who was far more than just the “Dollar Bill Guy.”

Fire Bringer
by David Clement-Davies
A young deer, born on the night of his father's murder, is destined to fulfill an ancient prophecy in this epic animal fantasy.

Book Cover of Revenge of the Witch
Revenge of the Witch *
by Joseph Delaney
When Tom, seventh son of a seventh son, is apprenticed to the local Spook, he doesn't realize just how soon he'll have to face a terrifying enemy.

Book Cover of The London Eye Mystery
The London Eye Mystery
by Siobhan Dowd
When a stranger offers Ted a
free ticket to ride the London Eye, he lets his visiting cousin Salim go ahead, rather than wait in the long line.  When the ride is over, however, Salim doesn’t come out….

The City of Ember
by Jeanne Duprau
The underground city of Ember was founded centuries ago as humanity’s last hope to survive a holocaust. Now, Ember is desperately short of food, clothes, and electricity to keep the town illuminated. Then Lina, a young foot messenger, discovers a damaged document that hints at a way out.

Book Cover of House of the Scorpion
The House of the Scorpion *
by Nancy Farmer
In a future society where humans clone themselves to provide organs for their own medical care, young Matt has to come to terms with his identity when he learns that he is the clone of El Patròn, ruler of the drug empire between Mexico and the U.S.

Book Cover of The Ruins of Gorlan
The Ruins of Gorlan *
by John Flanagan
Will’s dream is to go to Battle School, but he is rejected because he is too small.  He becomes the reluctant apprentice to the mysterious Ranger Halt, and quickly learns that becoming a ranger is more difficult, dangerous, and worthwhile than he ever imagined.

Book Cover of The Misfits
The Misfits
by James Howe
Four students who do not fit in at their small-town middle school decide to create a third party for the student council elections to represent all students who have ever been called names.

Book Cover of The Braid
The Braid
by Helen Frost
Two sisters each carry a length of the other’s hair braided with her own—a braid that binds them together even though they are miles apart. A lovely historical story told in alternating narrative poems.

Book Cover of Inkheart
Inkheart *
by Cornelia Funke
In this engrossing tribute to the power of books and the imagination, 12-year-old Meggie finds that she shares her father’s ability to bring book characters into her world simply by reading aloud.

Book Cover of Invisible
by Pete Hautman
Best friends for years, Andy is popular, athletic, and attractive, while Doug spends all his time working on model trains in the basement.  But when it comes to dark secrets buried deep, Andy is the only one Doug can talk to.

Book Cover of The Minister's Daughter
The Minister's Daughter
by Julie Hearn
Even in 1645 England, “mean girls” were powerful. In this story, the beautiful daughter of the town minister gets pregnant by a boy who runs away to be a soldier, and blames her condition on witchcraft as revenge against the local healer who refuses to end the pregnancy.

Book Cover of Flush
by Carl Hiassen
Noah’s dad is so mad that the Coral Queen casino boat is dumping raw sewage into the waters of the Florida Keys that he sinks it. When the boat is refloated and his dad goes to jail, Noah will do anything to flush the crook out into the open!

Book Cover of Stormbreaker
Stormbreaker *
by Anthony Horowitz
14-year-old Alex Rider doesn’t know which is more surprising—that his uncle was murdered, or that his uncle was a spy!  And now the government wants him to pick up where his uncle left off….

Book Cover of Skulduggery Pleasant
Skulduggery Pleasant
by Derek Landy
Skulduggery Pleasant is an Ace Detective, Snappy Dresser, Crackerjack Sorcerer and Walking, Talking, Fire-throwing Skeleton—as well as ally, protector, and mentor to Stephanie Edgeley. These two alone must defeat an all-consuming ancient evil. The end of the world? Over his dead body.

Book Cover of Hattie Big Sky
Hattie Big Sky
by Kirby Larson
When orphaned Hattie inherits a claim in rural Montana, she has ten months to cultivate and fence 40 acres, or she will lose the land.  She faces droughts, blizzards, prejudiced neighbors, and the Spanish Flu. Will she succeed in making a home of her own?

Book Cover of Heck Superhero
Heck Superhero
by Martine Leavitt
When his mother abandons him on the street, Heck searches for the perfect Good Deed, which could turn him from a flat stick person into a full-fledged Superhero.

Book Cover of Black Duck
Black Duck
by Janet Taylor Lisle
Ruben and Jed find a dead body on the shore, and they are certain it has something to do with smuggling liquor.  A 1920s Prohibition adventure story!

Book Cover of Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
by David Lubar
To cope with the expected (friends dumping him!) and the unexpected (mom’s pregnant!) changes of his first year in high school, Scott writes a journal of advice to “Smelly,” his unborn new brother.

Book Cover of Kiki Strike
Kiki Strike: Inside the Shadow City
by Kirsten Miller
Ananka Fishbein’s life is changed forever when she meets superspy Kiki Strike and joins her band of delinquent girl geniuses who protect the forgotten tunnels beneath Manhattan that are known as the Shadow City.

Book Cover of Airborn
Airborn *
by Kenneth Oppel
When sky pirates attack his beloved airship, Matt is shipwrecked on an uncharted island! Feeling claustrophobic on land, Matt soon discovers there is much more to life than just floating in the air….

Book Cover of The Golden Compass
The Golden Compass *
by Philip Pullman
With the help of her shape- changing daemon and a mysterious compass, Lyra Belacqua sets out to solve the mystery of hundreds of disappearing children and to rescue her uncle from armored bears.

Book Cover of The Lightning Thief
The Lightning Thief *
by Rick Riordan
When Percy Jackson accidentally vaporizes his math teacher, he is sent to Camp Half-Blood, where he learns he's the son of Poseidon!

Book Cover of Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy
Lizzie Bright and the Buckminster Boy
by Gary Schmidt
In 1912 Maine, Turner Buckminster is new to town and just doesn’t fit in—until he befriends spunky Lizzie Bright, who lives on nearby Malaga Island.  When the town elders want to tear down Lizzie’s island community to make way for a tourist industry, Turner is the only one to stand up to them.

Book Cover of Peak
by Roland Smith
Peak gets busted for climbing a NYC skyscraper, he faces jail. To save him, his long- lost dad gains custody--with strings attached.  His dad’s plan is to make Peak the youngest ever to summit Mt. Everest—and to gain attention for his company. Will Peak make it to the “Top of the World??

Book Cover of Tiger
Tiger *
by Jeff Stone
Cangzhen Temple is betrayed by one of its own, and Fu, along with his four brothers—each a master of a different fighting style—must avenge the death of their grandmaster and retrieve the temple's secret scrolls. Book one of the “Five Ancestors” series.

Book Cover of Stuck in Neutral
Stuck in Neutral
by Terry Trueman
Fourteen-year-old Shawn McDaniel, who suffers from severe cerebral palsy and cannot function, believes his father is planning to kill him.

Book Cover of Montmorency
Montmorency: Thief, Liar, Gentleman? *
by Eleanor Updale
In Victorian England, a criminal mastermind finds the nasty city sewers are the perfect means to commit robberies without leaving a trace. His thefts are then used to finance a new refined life as a gentleman.

Book Cover of So Yesterday
So Yesterday
by Scott Westerfeld
What makes something cool?  In this futuristic thriller, companies pay big bucks to “cool hunters” like Hunter Braque to spot the next hot trends.  But now that Hunter’s boss has been kidnapped, he and his new friend Jen must use those powers of observation if they want to survive!

Book Cover of Listening for Lions
Listening for Lions
by Gloria Whelan
Orphaned and alone, 13-year-old Rachel is tricked into assuming a dead neighbor's identity. She travels to England, pretending to be a long-lost granddaughter. But will she be able to pull off the deception?  And, more importantly, will she be able to live with herself?



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