Here Kitty Kitty Kitty


E Abercrombie - Charlie Anderson
E Arnold - Metro cat
E Banks - The cat who walked across France
E Birnbaum - Green Eyes
E Brett - Comet’s nine lives
E Brown - The color kittens
E Bryan - The cat’s purr
E Calhoun - Henry stories
E Capucilli - Little Spotted Cat
E Catalanotto - Kitten red, yellow, blue
E Clements - Dolores and the big fire
E Cooper - Magic thinks big
E Day - A kitten’s year
E Dunbar - Four fierce kittens
E Ehlert - Feathers for lunch
E Flack - Angus the cat
E Fleming - Mama cat has three kittens
E Galdone - The three little kittens
E Gantos - Ralph stories
E Geraghty - Slobcat
E Gollub - The twenty-five Mixtec cats
E Harper - My cats Nick and Nora
E Henkes - Kitten’s first full moon
E Ketteman - Grandma’s cat
E Kuskin - So what’s it like to be a cat
E Johnston - Cat, what is that
E Keats - Hi, cat
E London - Hip Cat
E McCully - Four hungry cats
E Moore - Six-dinner Sid
E Mora - A birthday basket for Tia
E Newberry - April’s kittens
E Newman - The best cat in the world
E Pilkey - Kat Kong; When cats dream
E Polacco - Mrs.Katz and Tush
E Potter - The Tale of Tom Kitten
E Pryor - Baby Blue cat stories
E Ryder - Come along, kitten
E Rylant - Cat heaven
E Sneed - Lucky Russell
E Soto - Chato stories
E Sykes - This and That
E Voake - Ginger stories
E Wells - Yoko stories
E Woelfle - Katje, the windmill cat


ER Averill - The fire cat
ER Gantos - Rotten Ralph feels rotten
ER Hoban - Buzby
ER Knudsen - Cat hat
ER Minarik - Cat and Dog
ER Parish - Scruffy
ER Pilkey - Dragon’s fat cat
ER Rylant - Mr. Putter and Tabby stories
ER Schachner - Skippyjon Jones in the doghouse


J Alexander - Dream-of–Jade
J Averill - Jenny stories
J Auch - I was a third grade science project
J Cleary - Socks
J Cooper - A Pipkin of Pepper
J Estes - Pinky Pye
J Hurd - The Merry Chase
J King-Smith - Catlady; Martin’s Mice; Aristotle
J Kirk - Rex Tabby: cat detective
J Kline - Horrible Harry and the Goog
J Le Guin - Catwings series
J Lisle - Looking for Juliette
J Naylor - The grand escape
J Seidler - Toes
J Selden - Harry Kitten and Tucker Mouse
J Stolz - Cat walk


J Fine - The diary of a killer cat
J Giff - Mary Moon is missing


J M Holm - Stink Files series 
J M Kirk - Rex Tabby: cat detective 
J M Van Draanen - Sammy Keyes and the psycho kitty queen


J or Y Hunter - Warriors series