Scary Stories

Picture Books

Birdseye - Look out, Jack! The giant is coming back
Bright - Georgie
Bunting - Night of the gargoyles
Emberley - Go away, big green monster 
Geringer - Look out, look out, it’s coming
Heide - Some things are scary
Inkpen - Kipper's monster 
Kasza - The Mightiest
Leuck - Goodnight, baby monster 
McDonald - Bedbugs
Mayer - There’s an alligator under my bed
O’Malley - Velcome
Pilkey - Dogzilla
Seeger - Abiyoyo
Sendak - Where the wild things are
Steig - Shrek
Van Laan - Teeny, tiny, tingly tales
Williams - Dinnertime!
Willis - The Monster bed

Easy Readers

Bang - Wiley and the hairy man
Cole - Bony-legs
Cazet - Minnie and Moo meet Frankenswine 
Cosby - One dark and scary night
Eaton - Monster songs
Marshall - Four on the shore
Schwartz - Ghosts! Ghostly tales from folklore
Van Leeuwen - Amanda Pig and the awful, scary monster 
Yolen - Commander Toad in space

First Chapter

Adler - Cam Jansen and the scary snake mystery
Etra - Here come the aliens
Fleischman - McBroom’s ghost
O’Connor - The ghost in tent 19


Adler - Footsteps on the stairs: a novel /
Adler - Jeffrey’s ghost and the Zeffel Fair mystery
Aiken - Shadow Guests
Alcock - Stonewalkers 
Avi - Something upstairs: a tale of ghosts
Bellairs - The Doom of the haunted opera 
Beware - Beware! R.L. Stine picks his favorite scary stories
Brittain - Who knew there’d be ghosts
Bruchac - Skeleton man
Cassedy - Behind the attic wall
Coville - The Monster’s ring
DeFelice - The ghost and Mrs. Hobbs 
Don’t - Don’t give up the ghost 
Gaiman - Coraline
Gorog - In a messy, messy room
Great - Great ghost stories
Hahn - The Doll in the garden: a ghost story
Haskins - Moaning bones: African-American ghost stories 
Haunted - The haunted house: a collection of original stories
Hildick - The Ghost squad breaks through
Howe - Bunnicula
Irving - The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Jacques - Seven strange & ghostly tales
Jennings - Unmentionable!
Levy - Dracula is a pain in the neck
McCaughrean - The Stones are hatching
McKissack - The dark-thirty: Southern tales of the supernatural
Mahy - The Haunting
Manning-Sanders - A Book of monsters
Mayne - Hob and the goblins
Peck - Monster night at Grandma’s house
Pinkwater - The Frankenbagel Monster
Platt - The ghost of Hellsfire Street 
Poe - The Tales of Edgar Allan Poe
Pullman - Clockwork, or all wound up
Roberts - Hostage 
San Souci - Dare to be scared: thirteen stories to chill and thrill 
Schwartz - More scary stories to tell in the dark
Sommer-Bodenburg - If you want to scare yourself 
Things - Things that go bump in the night: a collection of original stories 
Vivelo - A Trick of the light: stories to read at dusk
Westall - Ghost Abbey
Whitcher - Real mummies don't bleed: friendly tales for October
Wright - Ghosts beneath our feet
Wulffson - Time fix and other tales of terror

Paperback series

Stine - Goosebumps


J398.2 Ask - Ask the bones: scary stories from around the world 
J398 De Paola - Fin M’Coul: the giant of Knockmany Hill 
J398 Favorite - Favorite scary stories of American children 
J398 Leach - Whistle in the graveyard: folktales to chill your bones
J398 Leodhas - Gaelic ghosts 
J398 McKissack - The dark-thirty: Southern tales of the supernatural 
J398 Scary - The Scary story reader 
J398.2 Sierra - Wiley and the hairy man

Other non-fiction titles

J821 Boo - Boo!: Stories to make you jump 
J808.81 Diane - Diane Goode’s book of scary stories 
J394.2 McGovern - Squeals & squiggles & ghostly giggles