Busy busy Mouse!Kids' Pages - Homework

Art & Artists

-Tate Kids
Kids can combine their own art work with images from the Tate Museum collections to create galleries.

-Webmuseum, Paris
An extensive collection of famous paintings and artists, alphabetically arranged for searching.

-Building Surprises: The Architecture of the Weisman Art Museum
Fun information about architecture, shapes and architect Frank Gehry.

5000 artists are included. Clicking on a name takes you to online museums where their works can be viewed.

-Women Artists in History
Women artists and their works, arranged by time period and country.

-Architecture Through the Ages
Created by Think Quest Competition students, this site includes major architectural types from Mayan tombs to cathedrals. (Best viewed on Netscape Communicator 4.0)

-A. Pintura, Art Detective
This art detective leads you on adventures in identifying paintings.
-Inside Art
Educational adventures in an art gallery.


-Music Notes
"An interactive online music experience," brought to you by ThinkQuest an online community of teachers and educators.
-Composer Biographies
Brief biographies of some famous composers.

-Instrument Encyclopedia
From the University of Michigan, featuring instruments from the Stearns Collection.


-A Dancer's Health
Created by Think Quest students, this page shows the fundamentals of fitness that dancers should know, from nutrition to exercises.

-The Ballet.com
An educational website devoted to ballet.


-Shakespeare and the Globe
This site has information about William Shakespeare and the Old Globe and New Globe Theatres, with links to other Shakespeare sites.


-Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco
View images of more than 60,000 items, such as furniture, porcelain, paintings, armor.

-Exploratorium of San Francisco
Primarily a hands-on science museum, this site is fun as well as educational, as you explore the art of science.

-Smithsonian Institution
The site index of this huge online museum directs you to a wide range of exhibits. Examples are music history, American Indian arts and crafts, and Latino history and culture.

Thanks to all the Sonoma County Children's Librarians who contributed websites for the homework pages.