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Godzilla Walking picture
Credit Your Source - How to Cite Internet Resources


-Wildlife Encyclopedia
Click on Animals and Plants, or type in the name of an animal to get animal pictures, maps, and information about animals of the world. (You will need your Sonoma County Library card number to reach this from home.)

- Cells Alive
Excellent, detailed information about cells, with photos.

- National Wildlife Federation/Ranger Rick Zone
For younger children.

- Animal Diversity Web
From the University of Michigan's Museum of Zoology. Has a handy search box to search for animals, and articles are rated with stars. Uses the latin names of animals heavily.

- Animal Page from Multnomah Library
Great homework site's animal links.

- The Children's Butterfly Site
Learn about butterflies and moths.

- National Geographic's Animals and Nature
Animal information from National Geographic. Some pictures, citations to videos and articles in the magazine.

- The Electronic Zoo
Pet breeds and general information on animals. Lots of links but not very well-organized; many commercial links to products and services.

- Threatened and Endangered Species
The Red List of the International Union for the Conservation of Nature.


- Student Research Center (click on Biographies or type a name to search)
You need your Sonoma County Library card number to reach this from home.

- Biography
You need your Sonoma County Library card number to reach this from home.

- African Americans in History
Over twenty short biographies of important African Americans.

- Learning About Authors and Illustrators
Connections to over 400 author information pages.

- Presidents of the United States of America

- Biography search
Very brief biographies of famous people past and present. From The Biography Channel.

- Biographies of Western Women
Brief biographies or links to other sites with information on western women.

- Web Guides by the Library of Congress
Includes photos and links for US Presidents and other notable people in US history, including:


- Explorers of the Millennium
Explorers' Hall of Fame, explorer quiz, links to other sites. From the ThinkQuest library of projects by students for students.

- 1492: An Ongoing Voyage
Exhibit raises the question "What was the effect of Columbus's 1492 voyage on the Americas throughout the Western Hemisphere?"

- Zoom Explorers
Brief biographies of explorers from A to Z.

- Internet Public Library links for explorers


- Distinguished Women of Past and Present
Biographies of important women indexed by name and by field of activity.

- 4000 Years of Women in Science
Over 125 brief biographies of women scientists.

- The First Ladies of the United States
Even the most obscure first ladies get the royal treatment here.

- Biographies of Women Mathematicians
College students organized this site of women mathematicians alphabetically and chronologically.

- Biographies of Western Women
Brief biographies or links to other sites with information on western women.


California Missions

- California Missions Studies Association
Great links to stories, school projects, web sites for each mission, bibliographies and more. There is a page for Projects by and for Young Scholars which has links to school projects.

- Spanish Missions of California
Created by a couple of high school students, this site has good links to both books and other web sites.

- California Mission Internet Trail
Created by a fourth grade class in a California school, this site was created for kids and teachers.

- California Missions Interactive
A bicycling tour of the missions with web pages for each site and questions from California fourth graders.


Native Americans

- Learn About Native Americans
Click on the map to find out more about the people of each region.

- Native Americans - Internet Public Library
Links to several top-quality web sites selected for the Internet Public Library.

California Indians

- California Indians search on Internet Public Library
Links to several top-quality web sites selected for the Librarians' Internet Index and Internet Public Library.

- Dictionary of California Indians
From the San Diego State University Library. Starts with A - C. Click the letter ranges on the left to see entries for the rest of the alphabet.

- Photo Gallery 1 - Photo Gallery 2 - Photo Gallery 3
Photos of cultural and historical value of Northern California Indian tribal groups, on the Northern California Indian Development Council's website. They also have some great sound files of traditional Karuk songs. The main NCIDC website has links to information about tribal business, maps of related areas and tribal groups, and links to other sites relevant to California Indians.

- California Indian Basketry
Some nice photos of beautiful California Indian basketry.

- Bibliographies of Northern and Central California Indians
For upper grades. An excellent resource for finding books and maps about specific tribal groups


Countries of the World

- CultureGrams
Photo Gallery, Recipe Collection, database of Famous People, and Data Tables. Read topics, explore maps and flags. (Sonoma County Library card required to use this from home.)

- Countries Page from Canton Library
Facts, foods and flags from countries around the world.

- National Geographic
Countries and cultures from around the world.

- Country at a Glance
From the United Nations CyberSchoolBus - information on each country you select. You can also play Flag Tag at this site - name the flag or the country.


States of the United States

- CultureGrams
Reports include maps, flags, symbols, and timelines, plus sections on history, economy, geography, population and more.

- Stately Knowledge
From the Internet Public Library - state report information, very basic facts, flags and maps.

- The 50 States of the United States
State information, free catalogs, songs, cartoonists, penpals, lots of information arranged by state.

- Color Landform Atlas of the United States
Great maps of the states; satellite images and shaded relief maps.

- Free Travel Brochures
This online site provides a way to request free maps, guides and brochures be sent to you, covering travel sites within continental North America (that includes Mexico, Alaska and Canada as well as the United States). Might be useful for those school reports on the states.



- Holidays
From Multnomah Public Library.

- Holidays: A Sampler From Around the World
From the Scholastic site.

- Yahooligans! Around the World
The Yahooligans! list of Holiday sites from around the world.

- Holidays from KidsClick!

Thanks to all the Sonoma County Children's Librarians who contributed websites for the homework pages.