• Preschool Storytime

    Preschool Storytime

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Sonoma County Library offers a range of different storytimes across the county for children from newborn-5 years old.  Storytimes are designed for specific age ranges in order to introduce children ages 0-5 to the joy of words and language. 

Babytime / Wee Read

The main purpose of storytimes for babies and young toddlers is to teach, inspire, and model for parents and caregivers how to sing, talk, rhyme, play and read with their babies and toddlers every day. 

The ideal age for Babytime ranges from 0-18 months.  Babytime has a dual audience of the parents AND the babies – our goal is to model ways for parents to share fun early literacy and learning activities with their children in a nurturing environment. 

A Babytime storytime usually lasts from 15-20 minutes, followed by play time, giving parents and children a chance to socialize and interact. 

Toddler Time/Wiggle Time

The ideal age for a Toddler Time program ranges from 18 months to 3 years.  Toddler Time children have an entire range of levels of attention spans, language skills, social skills, and self-awareness, so it may seem to be a bit of organized chaos to wrangle all those levels into a cohesive yet entertaining program.  Simple stories, simple concepts, and lots of opportunities for participation and movement are necessary in these storytimes.  Librarians are still also modeling lots of early literacy and learning activities for parents to share with their children at home.

A Toddler Time storytime usually lasts from 20-25 minutes, followed by play time, giving the parents and children the chance to socialize and interact. 

Preschool Storytime

The ideal age for Preschool Storytime ranges from 3-5 years.  Preschool Storytime children have greater level of understanding of language and concepts, as well as more advanced attention spans, social skills, and self awareness.  In these storytimes, we can share stories, songs, and fingerplays with more complex plots, and activities with both directed and expressive movement.  Librarians will still be reinforcing and modeling the use of early literacy skills and learning activities for parents to share with their children.

A Preschool Storytime usually lasts 30 minutes, again followed by play time, giving the parents and children the chance to socialize. 

Family Storytime

Family storytimes can encompass a whole range of children with their families -- you might have a baby, a wobbler, and a 6-year-old all in the same group!  Librarians will evaluate the ages of the children in attendance, and will attempt to direct activities and stories that are appropriate for all the ages in attendance, all while modeling and reinforcing skills and activities that parents can share with their children.

Bilingual Storytime

Librarians who are fluent or comfortable in Spanish are able to offer storytimes that are bilingual in English and Spanish, to reflect some of the diversity of our communities.  These are usually family storytimes (unless noted differently on the Event Calendar).

Where can I find a storytime near me?

Not all storytimes are offered at all library branches; check the Events Calendar to see which storytime series are upcoming at a branch near you.