History for Kids

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Explore ancient civilizations, find out more about the different stages of U.S. history, and learn the importance of world cultures from Africa to South America.

History for Kids Homework Resources

Exhibit raises the question "What was the effect of Columbus's 1492 voyage on the Americas throughout the Western Hemisphere?"
Over 125 brief biographies of women scientists. 
This site from the Library of Congress covers Black History for the last 500 years.
An interactive site that looks at Romans, Ancient Greeks and Vikings in realtion to  England.
College students organized this site of women mathematicians alphabetically and chronologically.  
Has an overview of 21 California Missions including a brief history, operating hours and a link to the mission's website.  
California history photos, documents diaries and more.
Explore colonial life including people, food, towns and more.  
Has pictures of historical documents as well as explanations and transcripts.
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States and Countries, International Recipes, World Cultures