People and Biography for kids

Are you looking for information about a famous person? Do you need to write a report or read a biography? The links and books below will help you get started. You can also find books by going to our library catalog to see what is available at a library near you.

People and Biography for kids Homework Resources

College students organized this site of women mathematicians alphabetically and chronologically.  
Bio block letters
Information on current and historic people
Very brief biographies of famous people past and present. From The Biography Channel. 
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
Spanish-language encyclopedia for younger readers. Enciclopedia en idioma español para los lectores más jóvenes.
Kids Search
Magazine articles, biographies and images on a variety of topics, for students in grades K-8. Library card and pin required when outside the library.
Includes photos and links for US Presidents and other notable people in US history.
Place for the beginning searcher to find magazine articles, newspaper articles, encyclopedia entries and more on a variety of topics ranging from animals to history to stories. Lexile (reading)...
Student Research Center
Full-text magazine & newspaper articles for middle school and high school homework.
From the White House presidents page. 
World Book Discover
Information searching with learning tools for students reading below grade level or with language/learning difficulties.