Science for Kids

Check out these websites to learn about animals, dinosaurs, Earth’s biomes, and to explore the solar system.  Also, be inspired to create an awesome science fair project! 

Science for Kids Homework Resources

Over 125 brief biographies of women scientists. 
Look up an animal by typing its name in the search box on this website.
Need information about a specific biome? Try here! 
Learn how to enter the state-level Science Fair. Click on "Getting Started with a Project" or "Science Resources" for links to a wide range of science sites.
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
Spanish-language encyclopedia for younger readers. Enciclopedia en idioma español para los lectores más jóvenes.
Amazing pictures and information about the solar system, from the National Air and Space Museum.  
Kids Search
Magazine articles, biographies and images on a variety of topics, for students in grades K-8. Library card and pin required when outside the library.
Place for the beginning searcher to find magazine articles, newspaper articles, encyclopedia entries and more on a variety of topics ranging from animals to history to stories. Lexile (reading)...
Student Research Center
Full-text magazine & newspaper articles for middle school and high school homework.
Maps and Animals
Articles, photos, and maps of habitat areas of animals around the world.