States, Countries and Government for Kids

Explore the U.S. and the world; find out about the U.S. government and facts about other countries.  Have a state report?  Want to create a cool map or see the flags of the world?  Check out the websites below to learn about these things and more!

States, Countries and Government for Kids Homework Resources

Designed with you in mind, this is an easy way to find lots of information - for parents and teachers, too.
This website put together by the Central Intelligence Agency covers all of the countries in the world.
Has pictures of historical documents as well as explanations and transcripts.
Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
Spanish-language encyclopedia for younger readers. Enciclopedia en idioma español para los lectores más jóvenes.
Explore the FBI and its history.  
Has an image, description and history of every country’s flag.
Kids Search
Magazine articles, biographies and images on a variety of topics, for students in grades K-8. Library card and pin required when outside the library.
This site has detailed maps of each of the states. The maps include Relief maps, satelite images, historical maps, county maps and black and white maps.
History and story of the United States.  
Check out their “Theme Maps” for population, resources, weather, and many other cool maps.