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*Family fun or field trip ideas

Discover and Go Museum passes from Discover & Go

Children's Museum of Sonoma County

Local and Bay Area animals - From Summer Reading 2006

Local farms and ranches - From Summer Reading 2004

*New parentsParent and teacher

First 5 Sonoma County

First 5 California

*Internet tips for parents

Common Sense Media
Advice for parents and educators. Movie ratings, website ratings, TV ratings, game ratings, book ratings, music ratings, designed to help parents find high-quality media by age level. You can get recommendations personalized to your child's age range, from 2-4 through 15-17.

Excellent tips on keeping safe online for kids, teens, and their families.

Kids' Search Engines
This Search Engine Watch article reviews some of the best-known search engines for children, and compares them with results from other major search engines. Also check our own kids' search page.

*Education and learning

California Learning Resource Network
"Your source for California standards-aligned electronic learning resource information and lessons."

Curriculum and Instruction
Common core standards, curriculum guidelines, and links to other resources from the California Department of Education.

Lesson Corner
Find or create word lists, worksheets and puzzles.

Sonoma County Office of Education
Resources for teachers, school standards and statistics for parents, and links to individual schools in the county.

Sonoma County Homeschoolers Nonprofit
Local organization works to provide support to families who educate their children at home.

HomeSchool Association of California and California Homeschool Network
Statewide information and links for homeschooling.

Teacher Reference Center
Index of articles in professional education journals.

Primary source sets organized into themes and topics aligned with California Content Standards.

Mount Royal University Learning Objects Repository
Collection of links to many sources of free images and educational objects. Very good for finding free images, educational media including audio and video podcasts, course materials, and much more for K-12 up to university level.

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