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Value to You

Libraries offer, for free, the wisdom of the ages — and sages — and, simply put, there’s something for everyone inside.
Laura Bush
Former First Lady of the United States



At the Sonoma County Library, we see transformations every day:

  • Parents and caregivers help their babies and toddlers gain early literacy skills through story times, offered at the baby, toddler, and preschool levels
  • Children gain confidence in reading through library programs such as Read to a Dog and the After School Book Club
  • Teens learn important social, literacy and leadership skills through our young adult programs, Teen Advisory groups, and volunteer opportunities
  • Un- and under-employed adults upgrade their job skills, search and apply for employment and participate in the digital economy through our public access computers
  • Small business owners use our resources to start and grow their businesses
  • Adults of all ages learn about social, cultural and community issues through our discussion groups, programs and resources, including our ever-popular book groups

... and the list goes on and on.

Every day, we help ordinary citizens accomplish extraordinary things.

I LOVE this library! I can travel the world and visit old friends from long ago and f ar away with merely a few touches of my keyboard and...voila! books are waiting for me. What a wonderful opportunity! –Susan Seitz, Petaluma

There's always something interesting happening at a library! –Susan Gorin, Santa Rosa

I ♥ our libraries!! –Rachel Walters Steiner, Petaluma

Great inter-library loan service! –Karen Rutherford Gardner

Libraries are our friends. And so are librarians. Visit your library today! –Mary Goodenough, Sebastopol

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