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Investment Guides

The Financial Data Finder
Put together by the Department of Finance, Ohio State University, this group of financial and investment resources is complete and authoritative.

The Motley Fool
A comprehensive investment resource for small investors. They say their purpose is to "inform, educate and amuse" the individual investor.

New York Times: Your Money
Current articles as well as investment, retirement, and planning guides.

Value Line: Education
Tutorials and videos on investment concepts and how to use Value Line. Useful if you are planning to use the printed Value Line issues at the Library.


Yahoo! Finance
Current and historical quotes and dividend information for stocks back to the early 1960s. Current quotes on bonds, ETFs, options, etc. Also includes market news, personal finance topics, and a feature to set up a personal portfolio.

Big Charts
Current stock quotes and historical quotes back to the mid-1980s. The charts created graphically illustrate industry performance within specific indexes, market overviews and trends, and the performance of specific stocks over time. Comparison charts display percentage scales; standard price scales are displayed when you remove comparisons from the chart.

EDGAR Online
means EDGAR (Electronic Data Gathering Analysis and Retrieval), the SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) data base of required corporate filings, the source for current SEC electronic corporate filings.

CNN Money
Stock quotes and business news from CNN and Money Magazine.

NASDAQ Stock Market
Home page of the NASDAQ where many small-company stocks are traded. Stock quotes as well as

New York Stock Exchange
Home page of the NYSE where large "Blue Chip" stocks are traded.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund Education Alliance - Investment Center
Great resource to research mutual fund companies, the SEC cost calculator, investing worksheets and more.

Articles and news and quick calculators available for free, more information for paying members. The Sonoma County Library has a subscription available inside the library only: Morningstar in the Library

Yahoo! Finance
Fund profiles, and lists of top performers over time, by sector and by type of fund.

Vanguard Investor Education
Free tutorials from the Vanguard Group, which sells stocks, mutual funds, and investment advice.

Investment News

BusinessWeek Online
complete contents of current issue, both domestic and international editions, plus BW Daily Briefing, BW Enterprise for small business, and more.

SEC Filings & Forms
Search for corporate filings made to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

The online version of Forbes Magazine has online enhancements which the print version lacks.

Investors Business Daily
Founded in 1984, Investors Business Daily is now Americas fastest growing newspaper boasting a daily readership of over 800,000. Designed to provide both concise and comprehensive coverage of business, financial, economic, and national news, Investors Business Daily is highly organized and tightly edited to help you make the most of your time. You must register to use the site, but there is no fee.

Cash, Treasuries, Bonds

Glossary of definitions for the fundamentals of fixed-income investing. Bonds
Tools, guides, and articles on fixed-income investing.

U.S. Bureau of the Public Debt
You can learn more about U.S. Treasury securities here and can set up an account to buy and sell short, medium and long-term T-Bills, notes and bonds, and even good old U.S. Savings Bonds.

Bonds Online
Daily bond market news and yields. You can also set up an online bond trading account, with real time prices for over 15,000 offerings.

Bank CD Rate Scanner
Provides rate comparisons from thousands of FDIC-insured banks.

Library Resources

Magazines, Newspapers & More
Research articles online. This page will lead you to citations and full-text from newspapers, magazines and reference works. Includes links to

Library Catalog
To find out what books and periodicals are owned by the library, get into the catalog. Each branch library has different investment resources; the catalog will tell you where each resource is located.

Library Branches
Addresses and phone numbers of the Sonoma County Library branches. You can call your local reference desk for information on locating investment books and magazines in the library.