What's a Premium Research Site?

Premium Research Sources are FREE to use with your Sonoma County Library card!

What are Premium Research Sources?

Premium Research Sources are websites that are usually only available to paid subscribers – but the Library subscribes, so you don’t have to!

Sonoma County Library cardholders can access more than 30 premium sites for free, like Consumer Reports in MasterFile Complete, Ancestry, ReferenceUSA, World Book Encyclopedia, and many more.

What do I use them for?

Some premium sites – like article databases – are great for research. You’ll get results from from newspapers, magazines and journals that aren’t found on the free web.

Other premium sites might help you learn to repair your car, study for an entrance exam, or find a good read. Use the RESEARCH menu to browse all of our premium sites by topic.

Why not just use Google for research?

The web offers a tremendous quantity of information, but some of the best information is not free or findable through Google. Some content on the web is biased, incomplete or out-of-date. Our premium sites are purchased from known publishers, and the information is generally more reliable than simply searching the Internet.

How do I access the Premium Sites?

Find our premium sites in the RESEARCH menu. Once you select a premium site, you’ll be prompted to enter your library card number and PIN. These sites can also be accessed from within any Sonoma County Library facility, no library card required.