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Sonoma-Lake-Mendocino County Libraries' New Books on CD -- Adult

After I'm gone [sound recording] /
Lippman, Laura The next standalone novel by the fabulous New York Times bestselling author of And When She Was Good. Set in the past and the present, it tells the story of five women whose lives are changed forever when the man they love mysteriously disappears. 9 sound discs (ca. 10 1/2 hr.)

The All-Girl Filling Station's last reunion [sound recording] : a novel /
Flagg, Fannie 9 sound discs (11 hr.)

Apple tree yard [sound recording] : a novel /
Doughty, Louise 12 audio discs (14 hr., 9 min.)

Be careful what you wish for [sound recording] /
Archer, Jeffrey, 9 sound discs (11.5 hr.)

Blackberry pie murder [sound recording] /
Fluke, Joanne, 8 audio discs (9.75 hours)

Blossom Street brides [sound recording] /
Macomber, Debbie 9 sound discs (660 min.)

The bootlegger [sound recording] /
Cussler, Clive 9 sound discs (ca. 12 hr.)

Brown dog [sound recording] : novellas /
Harrison, Jim, 15 audio discs (approximately 18 hr.)

The chase [sound recording] /
Evanovich, Janet 8 sound discs (540 min.)

Civilian warriors [sound recording] : the inside story of Blackwater and the un
Prince, Erik, 11 sound discs (13 hrs.)

Command authority [sound recording] /
Clancy, Tom, There's a new strong man in Russia but his rise to power is based on a dark secret hidden decades in the past. The solution to that mystery lies with a most unexpected source, President Jack Ryan. 14 sound discs (18 hr.)

The counterfeit agent [sound recording] /
Berenson, Alex 10 audio discs (11 hr., 30 min.)

Dark bites [sound recording] /
Kenyon, Sherrilyn, 16 audio discs (20 hr., 30 min.)

Dark wolf [sound recording] /
Feehan, Christine 12 audio discs (14 hr., 21 min.)

Death of a policeman [sound recording] /
Beaton, M. C. 5 sound discs (approximately 5 1/2 hr.)

Death of the black-haired girl [sound recording] /
Stone, Robert, 7 sound discs (7 hr., 37 min.)

Double down [sound recording] : [game change 2012] /
Halperin, Mark 16 audio discs (approximately 19 hr.)

Five days in November [sound recording] /
Hill, Clint 4 audio discs (300 min.)

Flyover lives [sound recording] : a memoir /
Johnson, Diane, 7 audio discs (8 hr., 10 min.)

How to fail at almost everything and still win big [sound recording] : kind of t
Adams, Scott, 8 audio discs (8 hr., 45 min.)

I am Malala [sound recording] : [the girl who stood up for education and was sho
Yousafzai, Malala, 9 sound discs (10 hr.)

I hate to leave this beautiful place [sound recording] : a memoir /
Norman, Howard A. 6 sound discs (ca. 6 1/2 hr.)

The invention of wings [sound recording] /
Kidd, Sue Monk 11 sound discs (13.5 hr.)

The invention of wings [sound recording] /
Kidd, Sue Monk 12 sound discs (810 min.)

Jack London [sound recording] : an American life /
Labor, Earle, From noted Jack London scholar Earle Labor, a revelatory look at the life of the great American author, and how it shaped his most beloved works. 14 sound discs (17.5 hr.)

Just one look [sound recording] /
Coben, Harlan, 11 audio discs (approximately 764 min.)

Killer [sound recording] /
Kellerman, Jonathan 9 sound discs (659 min.)

The luminaries [sound recording] : a novel /
Catton, Eleanor, 24 audio discs (approximately 1773 min.)

Mind over medicine [sound recording] : scientific proof that you can heal yourse
Rankin, Lissa, Presents evidence from medical journals that beliefs, thoughts and feelings can cure the body and shows readers how to apply this knowledge in their own lives. 8 audio discs (approximately 9 1/2 hr.)

Missing you [sound recording] /
Coben, Harlan, 10 sound discs (11 hr., 54 min.)

Mrs. Lincoln's rival [sound recording] /
Chiaverini, Jennifer 14 sound discs (17 hr., 15 min.)

The Museum of Extraordinary Things [sound recording] /
Hoffman, Alice 10 sound discs (approximately 11.5 hr.)

My age of anxiety [sound recording] : fear, hope, dread, and the search for peac
Stossel, Scott Recounts the author's battle with anxiety, showing the many manifestations of the disorder as well as the treatments that have been developed to counteract it, and provides a history of the efforts to understand this form of mental illnes 13 audio discs (15 1/2 hr.) ;

An officer and a spy [sound recording] : a novel /
Harris, Robert, 13 sound discs (16 hr.)

Orfeo [sound recording] /
Powers, Richard, An experimental composer becomes a fugitive after his home microbiology lab, set up to find music in surprising patterns, results in a Homeland Security raid. 11 sound discs (13 hr., 15 min.)

Orphan train [sound recording] : a novel /
Kline, Christina Baker, 7 sound discs (8 hr., 35 min.)

Power play [sound recording] : a novel /
Steel, Danielle The lives of three women are linked in ways that none could have imagined. Each will be forced to reevaluate everything they are sure of as they realize that with greater power comes higher stakes. 9 sound discs (9 hr., 56 min.)

Private L A. [sound recording] /
Patterson, James, 8 sound discs (ca. 540 min.)

Red sparrow [sound recording] : [a novel] /
Matthews, Jason, 15 sound discs (18 hr.)

Robert B. Parker's Bull River [sound recording] : a Cole and Hitch novel /
Knott, Robert, After hunting down murderer and bandito Captain Alejandro Vasquez, Territorial Marshal Virgil Cole and Deputy Everett Hitch return him to Citadel to stand trial. 6 sound discs (450 min.)

The second machine age [sound recording] : work, progress, and prosperty in a ti
Brynjolfsson, Erik 8 sound discs (8 hr., 55 min.)

The sixth extinction [sound recording] : an unnatural history /
Kolbert, Elizabeth From the author of Field Notes from a Catastrophe, a powerful and important work about the future of the world, blending intellectual and natural history and field reporting into a compelling account of the mass extinction unfolding before our 8 sound discs (510 min.)

Sky Blue [sound recording] /
Brand, Max, 7 sound discs (540 min.)

Snapshot [sound recording] : a novel /
Wiehl, Lis W. 8 sound discs (9 hr., 9 min.)

Somerset [sound recording] /
Meacham, Leila, South Carolina is where Silas Toliver, deprived of his inheritance, joins up with his best friend Jeremy Warwick to plan a wagon train expedition to the 'black waxy' promise of a new territory called Texas. 19 sound discs (900 min.)

Standup guy : [a Stone Barrington novel] [sound recording] /
Woods, Stuart 6 audio discs (7 hr., 30 min.)

Things that matter [sound recording] : three decades of passions, pastimes and p
Krauthammer, Charles, 10 sound recordings (12 hr.)

Trouble in mind [sound recording] : the collected stories. Volume 3 /
Deaver, Jeffery 14 sound discs (1020 min.)

Under the wide and starry sky [sound recording] : a novel /
Horan, Nancy 14 sound discs (17 hr.)

The way of all fish [sound recording] : a novel /
Grimes, Martha 8 audio discs (9.5 hr.)