Teen Book Reviews

Pirate Cinema
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Trent (Ceciel) a 16 year old boy lives with his family. But one day while he is creating a film from previous movies, he gets caught and gets the internet taken away for a year. This, in his words, ruins his family life. So he goes to London and he gladly becomes a figurehead for all illegal editors. 

Poisoned House
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Abigail Tamper, a scullery maid in Victorian England, has her world turned upside down by a series of dark revelations. Ghosts, intrigue, and sociopaths abound.

Just Ella
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A girl named Ella is engaged to the prince and tries to escape the castle, its royal rules and etiquette. 

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children
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Gabe is transexual. He has an A and B side. Gabe loves music, it's something so beautiful to him. In this journey he learns to accept himself. 

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Janie thought she knew what her future held, so she thought she could make peace with it. 

girl of nightmares
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Cas (a ghost hunter) wants to save the ghost of Anna Korlov, who opened a door to hell and disappeared.

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IF you loved the divergent series this is for you its a collection of short stories about the charcter four or tobias it tells of his orgin how he got into dauntless and how he met tris its very good because it gives a backstory to him and it explains a lot

The Maze Runner
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This is about Thomas a boy who goes to the glade there he meets other boys around his age he learns that every day runners go into this huge maze and try to find a way out. But no one's ever survived a night in the maze, Thomas is trying to figure it out when a girl comes it. She says that she was from his past. Together they fight the maze and the dangers inside it

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"The Cardturner" by Louis Sacher is a story of a teenage boy named Alton who is having a disapointing summer. After a relationship crash and his father's layoff from his job, Alton is even more annoyed when he learns that his parents signed him up to turn Bridge cards for his blind great-uncle who he has met only once. He knows nothing about the game, and is painfully aware that the only reason why his parents want him to be Uncle Lester's cardturner is so that maybe they will inherite a piece of Uncle Lester's large sum of money when he dies.

Kitchen Princess
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In this volume, Najika had saved Akane from her eating disorder, and Akane was being nicer to her. Najika gets a sudden call from the Lavender House saying that Hagio-sensei is sick and Najika must return immediately. Acoompanied by Sora and Daichi, she travels there and finds out that Hagio-sensei was only tired and would be fine. Najika returns to Seika Academy and discovers that Sora is her "Flan Prince". She also later finds out that Daichi likes her and when he begins acting differently, discovers that Akane stole her gift from him and lied about it.