Teen Read 2014

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Play the Game this summer at the Sonoma County Library

June 10 – August 1, 2014

If you're going into the 7th - 12th grade, you qualify for a chance to Win a Kindle

You can also attend Teen only workshops!
Some of the workshops scheduled include beading, cartooning, henna art, duct tape crafts, origami and more. Schedule of special events for Teen Read 2014 Here is the Teen Read 2014 program schedule in PDF format

How do you play?

Starting June 10th …

  • Register at your local library to pick up your Teen Read GAME CARD.
  • Read Books* and complete Library Activities** to earn stamps on your Game Card.
  • LEVEL UP to win five different prizes, including treats, gift cards and a FREE BOOK!
  • Get a RAFFLE TICKET for each book review you turn in***
  • Attend fun Teen PROGRAMS and WORKSHOPS – and get an extra raffle ticket!
  • Enter your RAFFLE TICKETS at your local library for CHANCES TO WIN PRIZES, including the GRAND PRIZE of a KINDLE!

Open to 7th-12th grades only****
Special thanks to our Library Friends groups for their generous support!

* Turn in a Teen Review Card for each book you read.
**Library Activities that earn stamps for your Game Card are listed below and on the Teen Read Flyer
***Maximum 2 raffle tickets for book reviews each week.
****completed 6th grade

Book with sparks

Game Card Prize Levels:
Level One (3 stamps): Free Book + Bookmark
Level Two (5 stamps): Treat
Level Three (7 stamps): READ Gift
Level Four (9 stamps): Grab Bag Prize
Level Five (10 stamps): Gift Card

How to earn stamps for your TeenRead Game Card: 

1 Stamp:
Each 1-stamp activity may only be completed once

  • Sign up for the TeenRead summer reading program.
  • Introduce yourself to a Librarian & give (or ask for) a book recommendation.
  • Tour the teen area and collection at your library.
  • Get (or renew!) a Library Card.
  • Take a picture of yourself reading a book and share it.
  • Sign up for a NextReads newsletter.
  • Spend 30 minutes looking at the Testing & Education Reference Center.
  • “Like” the Sonoma County Library on Facebook.
  • Access one of the Library’s online databases, and tell your Librarian how you would use it.
  • Post a comment on the Sonoma County Library Teen Blog.

2 Stamps:

  • Read one book of your choice.
  • Download & listen to an audiobook.
  • Download & read an e-book.
  • Attend a teen program at the Library.

3 Stamps:

  • Read a Printz Award winner or honor book – past or present.
  • Read a Newbery Award winner or honor book – past or present.
  • Read a book in verse.
  • Read a mystery book.
  • Read a biography or non-fiction book.
  • Read a fantasy or science fiction book.
  • Read a graphic novel.
  • Read a historical fiction book.
  • Read a sports fiction book.
  • Read a realistic fiction book.

4 Stamps:

  • Create a soundtrack for your favorite book.
  • Create an artistic representation of a book.
  • Create a book trailer for a book.


Thank you to our sponsors!

Special thanks to our Friends of the Library groups throughout Sonoma County

We appreciate your support of this program!