Pictures Speak a Thousand Secrets

Submitted by ricaza on July 29, 2015 - 11:10am
PostSecret Mailing Address

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PostSecret is an ongoming community art project begun by Frank Warren. Anyone is welcome to write their secrets on one side of a postcard and mail it to Frank. Funny, chilling, and often close to home, sharing secrets is powerful. The secrets have been compiled into book form. Check our library collection for all the PostSecret books. Maybe you have one to share?

Thanks to Central Teen Reader Caitlin for this wonderful visual book review.

Book Spotlight: PostSecret

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Frank Warren, the creator of PostSecret, started an art project in November 2004.  It was simple, he handed out postcards asking people to send him their secret.  It can be any secret as long as it was true and something they have never told anyone.  He was surprised when he received thousands upon thousands of postcards telling him a secret.  He has compiled some of the postcards and displayed them in art shows, other postcards are posted to a website, and others were compiled into books.  The secrets are funny, seri