State Facts

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State Facts


Do you know which state has the most acres of organic corn?  Or which state has most organic apples?  How about which state has the most hog waste?  Or the state with the most smog?  Check out the Mother Nature Network to see the good and bad of each state.

ANIMOTO - A digital resource not to be missed!

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Do you take loads of digital pictures or videos that just sit on your computer? Would you like to add some pizazz to your photo slideshows?  Do you want to create a presentation that will wow your teacher?  Now, you can upload your photos and videos to create unique and attention grabbing videos with No experience required!

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Looking for a new website to share your opinions? to express yourself? to talk to someone? might be the website for you. is a website for girls between the ages of 13 to 17. These are the features on
Speak Out.......Share your opinion, take an online poll
Express Yourself..........Write a poem or a love letter and submit it
Spread the Word.............Write a reviw on anything from travel to books to beauty
Issues..................E-mail a smartgirl mentor for advice