Policy and Regulations for Use of the Forum (Meeting) Rooms

Approved by the Sonoma County Library Commission April 4, 2016.


The Sonoma County Library branches offer meeting room space to the public. This policy establishes the conditions for use of these spaces. Please see Meeting Room Use Procedure for how to reserve, use, and return a room.


To promote and support community engagement, the Sonoma County Library provides meeting space in its branch Forum Rooms when they are not in use for Library events or meetings. Use of our meeting rooms does not indicate endorsement of the views of any users of the facilities. The meeting rooms are provided free of charge to nonprofit organizations and to private residents (see definitions at bottom of this document). Commercial enterprises may rent the room according to the attached meeting room fee schedule. Library-sponsored events have first priority.


A. Cost

i) Use of the room shall be charged according to the meeting room fee schedule, except to nonprofits and private residents, who may use the room without charge.

B. Events or Meetings

i) Use of the room will not be granted for the regular and continuing business meetings of any group or individual, except those sponsored by the Library (Friends of the Library, City and County Government departments, and professional library associations).
ii) Library-sponsored events shall be free.

C. Responsibilities

i) Planning, staffing, and publicity for the event or meeting are the responsibility of the user.
ii) Set-up and clean-up of the room is the responsibility of the user.
iii) Users are responsible for any damages resulting from its use of the room.
iv) Users must adhere to the Library Standards of Behavior while using the room.

D. Restrictions

i) Meeting room use is subject to availability during regular public service hours, or, if outside regular service hours, with the sponsorship and responsibility of Library staff. After-hours events will be considered on a cost-recovery basis.
ii) Alcoholic Beverage Requirements
Alcoholic beverages may be consumed only with advance approval of the Library Director and payment of appropriate Alcoholic Beverage Control Board fees. Intent to serve alcohol must be indicated on your room rental application.
If money is exchanged for alcoholic beverages, a license must be obtained from the Alcoholic Beverage Control Board (ABC).
iii) Sale of items for Library events
If a group or individual sells items as part of an event, such as an author selling books or CDs following a reading or performance, the Library requests that a copy of the book(s) or CD(s) being sold be donated to the Library. If the sales are for items other than typical Library materials, the Library requests that a donation equivalent to 5% of sales be made to the Library.

Rate Classifications:


Qualified non-profit groups who provide NP Tax ID # assigned to their organization.

Private Resident:

Any individual, group or organization which meets for the purpose of private activities and non-profit groups without a NP Tax ID #.


Any individual, group or organization which is commercial or profit oriented.

Library Resolutions

Sonoma County Library Commission Resolutions, meeting agenda attachments, and all agendas and minutes are available in the Library Administration Office in the Central Santa Rosa Library, 211 E Street, downtown Santa Rosa, during business hours.

Older resolutions are retained in printed format.  Current agendas, minutes, and resolutions are available online.