Beautification Project at 330 Western Avenue, Petaluma, CA

Submitted by krinehart on November 6, 2013 - 1:22pm

Plans are underway to spruce up the old gas station at the corner of Western Avenue and Howard Street that was most recently occupied by the Cotija Restaurant.

I’ve often dreamed of purchasing this building and fixing it up. I think it would make a great spot to operate an ice cream shop, sell pizza by the slice and the like. Such a perfect location being across from the very active St. Vincent’s Parish Hall and just down the street from City Hall.

Apparently I am not the only one with a vision for this site. Marla Pedersen, a St. Vincent’s High School art teacher, has already begun working with her students to beautify the gas station that has sadly become an eye sore and graffiti magnet as it sits year after year vacant and waiting to be purchased.

Ms. Pedersen’s students are painting murals and doing a bit of landscaping. The Howard Street façade will include a tribute to the history of the building as a gas station which as far as I can tell dates back to the late 1940s when it was first operated by brothers, Clyde and Ted Zimmerman, as a 76 station. Later, Harry Park established a Richfield Service Station and then an Arco Station at this location.

The gas station was converted to a restaurant around 1979 when Pete’s Steak Sandwich moved in. Later there was the Rib Station and then of course Cotija Restaurant (sources: 2008 Phase I Environmental Site Assessment prepared by ECON, obit for Clyde Zimmerman, PAC 1/25/60, obit for Harry G. Park, PAC 7/19/82).

The work being conducted by the St. Vincent’s students is terrific and if you’d like to support their efforts please contact Marla Pedersen at

With improved curb appeal the chances of a sale will hopefully increase. I’ll keep my fingers crossed that someone with a lot of spare cash will be inspired to invest in the property and follow the example of Brian Noyes who converted a 1921 Esso filling station located in Warrenton, Virginia into the Red Truck Bakery.

Meanwhile I’ll keep buying those lottery tickets!

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