More Unidentified Commercial Buildings

Submitted by gskinner on August 7, 2014 - 12:52pm
  • Unidentified Sonoma County commercial building, circa 1940s photo

    Unidentified Sonoma County commercial building, circa 1940s

This week's set comes from a large group of unidentified Sonoma County commercial/industrial buildings -- I don't have information about where they might be located, but I'm fairly confident they are (or were) in Sonoma County, and most likely in Santa Rosa or Petaluma.


1. Apartment or commercial building, circa 1940s. Note early 1940s-vintage International Harvester truck visible in lower left. (SCL Photo 6825)

 Unidentified SoCo commericial or medical building

2. Unidentified building in disrepair, Petaluma, California, July 1991 (SCL Photo 5370). Note on photo indicates it was(?) located east of Don's Restaurant, but i could find no trace of a Don's Restaurant in Petaluma between 1980 and 1995, nor does one exist today. The only Don's Restaurant in Sonoma County during this period was located in Sebastopol.

3. Warehouse under construction or being maintained (SCL Photo 790)

4. Unidentified commercial building, circa 1940s (SCL Photo 1572). Note roller conveyor line visible through the windows.



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