Fire Insurance Maps Online (FIMo)

Submitted by kgore on February 11, 2020 - 10:12am
  • Fire Insurance Maps Online (FIMo)

Do you love California history? What about maps? Maybe you’re a historian or enjoy researching your family history.

Explore historical Sonoma County and California maps—including Sanborn Fire insurance maps—with Fire Insurance Maps Online (FIMo), a complimentary addition to Sonoma County Library’s historical and genealogy research resources.

The Sonoma County Library’s subscription to FiMo provides cardholders with access to thousands of high-definition, color, and grayscale images displaying important historical maps. FiMo makes it possible to explore how your neighborhood developed over time and learn when a particular building was constructed and how it was used. You may even locate a home once occupied by an ancestor using FiMo!

Enjoy FIMo from your home or office for historical research.

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