Help for Job Seekers is Just a Click Away

Submitted by kdeweese on August 22, 2020 - 4:44pm
  • Get expert advice and interview prep with Tutor.Com

Sonoma County Library offers online access to professional career tutors and job search resources through

  • Career Tutors:  Work one-to-one with professional career tutors in a supportive and encouraging environment. Get help with job searching, resume writing, interview preparation and much more.

  • Drop-Off Résumé Reviews:  Drop off your cover letter or resume anytime, 24/7 for an overnight review. Career tutors will write up a summary of feedback and comment on your file and then send it back to you through a secure, online drop box.

  • SkillsCenter Resource Library.  Access helpful resources for your job search, including resume and cover letter templates and samples, online job

Tutors are available 1:00pm – 10:00pm (Sunday to Saturday).  Need help at a different time? No problem. The Drop-Off Review Service & SkillsCenter Resource Library provides 24/7 access to the career tutors and thousands of job search resources such as resume templates and interview tips.

Getting help is easy. Just go to  Or, to learn more about the program, ask your local librarian. is a library service funded by Measure Y, thanks to the voters of Sonoma County.

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