Are You Ready for LumaCon?

Submitted by kdeweese on January 27, 2017 - 2:22pm

Are you ready for LumaCon?

  • Do you like Cosplay, Larping, and Fandoms? 
  • Do you write or draw, and like to share your work with your peers and your community?
  • Are you crafty and like to make things like the teens featured in this Press Democrat article?
  • Do you want to meet and talk to professional artists, illustrators, and other supporters of the comic arts?
  • Do you play MTG, or have you wondered about role playing and card games?

Well, you are in luck! 

Coming this Saturday is the third annual LumaCon-- the comic convention for youth, co-sponsored by the Petaluma branch of the Sonoma County Library and the libraries of Petaluma High School and Casa Grande High School.  Whether you come in costume or not, be prepared to be surrounded by enthusiasts of comic, art, and geek culture of all types and of all ages.

LumaCon is a joint venture of the Sonoma County Library, the Petaluma High School Library, and the Casa Grande High School Library, and it is held this year from 10am-4pm at Lucchesi Center in Petaluma on Saturday, January 28.


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