#metoo, #timesup, and the Definition of Consent

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    “Consent is as easy as FRIES.”

”Consent is as easy as FRIES: Freely Given, Reversible, Informed, Enthusiastic, and Specific.” -Planned Parenthood

Q: What is ’consent’?

A: "Consent is not the absence of 'no', it is an enthusiastic YES!"

The answer above is a quote from What Does Consent Really Mean? a new graphic novel that has arrived in several of our Young Adult sections across the county.  

Our friend Webster (the dictionary of course), makes it seem so simple: “intransitive verbto give assent or approval: agree.”  If it’s really that basic, then how has a hashtag become a nationwide (and beyond) movement resulting in thousands upon thousands of women, trans individuals, and men all divulging long closeted secrets of abuse... and the corresponding consequences of tarnished reputations, loss of employment, court cases, and even prison sentences?

The reality is, there is no simple answer, magic wand, or bandage that will ‘make it all better’.  What we can do is read, observe, listen, educate & advocate for ourselves and each other, and move forward into a future where everyone understands that an ‘enthusiastic yes’ is an essential ingredient in our relationships of all types.

Speaking of reading................... (hint, hint!)

Interested in checking out some #metoo fiction? 

Immerse yourself in our Teen Book Lists page and scroll down to the #metoo booklist carousel for some relevant reads.

Additionally, listed below are several important resources for teens & young adults.  It might not hurt to program these numbers in your phone right now so that you will be prepared if/when a friend or someone you know needs help.

-24 Hour Suicide Prevention Hotline

-S.A.Y 24/7 Hotline, Teen Shelter, Resources

-Verity: compassion, safety, support (sexual abuse/assault hotline)

-Forestville Teen Clinic

Note: These are examples of help that is available to you—there are additional organizations accessible countywide.  If you need help/information/resources, don’t hesitate to reach out.  Ask the open-minded Young Adult Librarian at your favorite branch of the Sonoma County Library.  We’re here for you!

Post by Rosalie C. Abbott, Sebastopol Regional Library

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