Our Favorite Worlds Collide at LumaCon!

Submitted by edawson on January 23, 2018 - 7:46am
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    Consider this your cordial invitation to LumaCon!

Our favorite worlds will collide this Saturday at LumaCon 2018!  

Join us! 

Librarians have been furiously conspiring with young adults to create a savagely fun event for you to enjoy.  You will have the opportunity to meet authors and illustrators, enjoy chalk talks and Cosplay, FanWar, LARPing, an Artists’ Alley, activities & crafts, and check out exhibitors & vendors.

Librarians love to collaborate, especially with other community partners who are all working to make Sonoma County (and the world!) a more creative and literate place for everyone. The power players who are making it all happen are: the Petaluma Regional Library (a branch of the Sonoma County Library), the Casa Grande High School Library, and the Petaluma High School Library.  Here’s a shoutout to all of the superhero librarians, young adults, community volunteers, and Friends of the Petaluma Library who are making this fantastic event a reality for the youth of Sonoma County!

Here’s a peek at the schedule, but there is SO MUCH MORE:

(More Info: www.lumacon.net)


Date: 1/27/18

Time: 10 AM - 4 PM

Location: Lucchesi Center, Petaluma, CA

Costumes? Absolutely!

Note: 2018 LumaCon Logo Artwork by contest winner Anna D.

Got Questions?  Ask the comical Young Adult Librarian at your local branch of the Sonoma County Library.

We are here for you!

Post by Rosalie C. Abbott, Sebastopol Regional Library


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