Salzburg, Vienna, & Budapest? Young musicians take on the world!

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    Evening Lights of Vienna

Young adults across Sonoma County are constantly striving for excellence. From athletics to AP classes, from activism to community service--teens everywhere are beyond busy. We'd like to take a moment to recognize all of the young musicians in Sonoma County. From bands to orchestras, from Bodega Bay to the city of Sonoma, we have young players who are continuously working on their craft.  Most people would be shocked by the amount of practice and rehearsal time that goes into playing a concert well. Each young person who picks up an instrument and continues with it will experience an affection for music that fluctuates between torture, dedication, obsession, and addiction. Being a musician is definitely a labor of love.

Right now, many of our county's young musicians of the highest caliber, are preparing to go on a tour to Europe this summer. The Santa Rosa Symphony Youth Orchestra will be venturing to various cities in Hungary and Austria this June of 2018. This is an incredible honor and has yet again proven the unwavering dedication and focus that students can have--particularly when they are supported by phenomenal educators. 

Below is a curated list of books that are relevant to the tour... read about cities that our young adults will be visiting, check out books on the composers who lived in those areas, and more. Going on the tour?  Check them out! Wishing you were going on a tour? Why not live vicariously!


2018 Europe Tour / Santa Rosa Symphony Youth Orchestra / Reading List

Contents: Books (cities, travel, history, composers, desserts, etc.), & a few digital resources just for fun.


Hungary & Budapest: travel, historical perspective~

Hungary, by Barbara Olszanska, 2018

Budapest & Hungary, by Steve Fallon, 2017

Rick Steves' Budapest, by Rick Steves, 2017

The Rough Guide to Budapest, by Charles Hebbert, 2018

Raoul Wallenberg: the man who stopped death, by Sharon Linnea, 1993 

The Burning of the World: a memoir of 1914, by Bela Zombory-Moldovan, 2014 

Kaffeehaus: exquisite desserts from the cafes of Vienna, Budapest, and Prague, by Rick Rodgers, 2002

Austria, Vienna, & Salzburg: travel, historical perspective~

Rick Steves' Vienna, Salzburg, & Tirol, by Rick Steves, 2017

Fodor's Vienna and the Best of Austria: with Salzburg..., by Fodor's Travel Guides, 2018

Austria, by Teresa Czerniewicz-Umer, 2018

Vienna, by Anthony Haywood, 2017

The Political Orchestra: the Vienna and Berlin Philharmonics during the Thrid Reich, by Fritz Trumpi, 2016

Gustav Klimt at Home, by Patrick Bade, 2017

Vienna 1900: art, architecture, and design, by Kirk Varnedoe, 1986


Why Mahler?: how one man and ten symphonies changed our world, by Norman Lebrecht, 2010

Mahler: his life and music, by Stephen Johnson, 2007

Mozart: the man revealed, by John Suchet, 2017

Mozart: a cultural biography, by Robert Gutman, 1999

Mozart: the early years, 1756-1781, by Stanley Sadie, 2006

Mozart: his life and music, by Jeremy Siepman, 2006

The New Grove Mozart, by Stanley Sadie, 2002

Schubert's Vienna, by Raymond Erickson, 1997

Franz Schubert: an essential guide to his life and works, by Stephen Jackson, 1996

Franz Schubert, by Wendy Thompson, 1991

Sonata: a memoir of pain and the piano, by Andrea Avery, 2017 

Schubert: the music and the man, by Brian Newbould, 1997

The New Grove Haydn, by James Webster, 2002

Haydn: his life and times, by Neil Butterworth, 1980

Haydn: a creative life in music, by Carl Geiringer, 1982

Beethoven: anguish and triumph - a biography, by Jan Swafford, 2014

Beethoven: the man revealed, by John Suchet, 2013

Beethoven: the universal composer, by Edmund Morris, 2005

Beethoven's Eroica: the first great romantic symphony, by James Hamilton-Paterson, 2017

Bruchner, by Hans-Huber Schonzeler, 1970

Liszt: the artist as romantic hero, by Eleanor Perenyi, 1974

The Man Liszt; a study of the tragicomedy of a soul divided against itself, by Earnest Newman, 1970

The Lives of the Great Composers, by Harold Schoenberg, 1997

Folk Music of Hungary, by Zoltan Kodaly, 1960

And a few... Digital Resources...

(use your Sonoma County Library Card to access)

Budapest, by Steve Fallon, 2015 (Hoopla eBook)

Budapest 1900, by John Lukacs, 2012 (Hoopla eBook)

Salzburg Austria (Hoopla TV)

Franz Schubert (Hoopla eAudiobook)

Franz Schubert (Hoopla Music)

Four Symphonies in Full Score by Franz Schubert (Hoopla eBook)

Zoltan Kodaly (Hoopla Music) 


Stay tuned for the Bon Voyage Concert: Santa Rosa Symphony Youth Orchestra, Saturday, June 16 at 3:00 pm, Weill Hall, Green Music Center

For more information, or help to find additional resources, please call or visit the enthusiastically helpful librarians at your nearest branch of the Sonoma County Public Library! 

Created by Rosalie Abbott, MLIS, Sebastopol Regional Library 

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