Winery and vineyard transitions

Submitted by edawson on September 15, 2012 - 3:45pm

This is the first in a series of posts called "Wine News" highlighting articles and trends in recent journals and magazines of interest, both to those in the wine industry and those interested in winemaking...not to mention the consumption of wine and food!

This month in Vineyard & Winery Management (v. 38, no. 5, Sept–Oct 2012), one finds a couple of articles related to beginnings and endings of winery ownership. "Preparing for an Ownership Change" by Rob Morris is directed at winery owners at any stage of the ownership process, intended to provide advice for making future transitions smooth. "How to Get a Business Loan -- in Good Times and Bad" by Adam Beak provides sound advice for anyone looking to find a boost in funding, and informs the reader about trends in commercial lending by banks and about the building blocks for a successful business model. Finally, "Selecting and Training Your Company's Next Leader" by Greg Scott lays out successful methods of planning a succession of leadership, both long-term and short-term.

In Wines & Vines (v. 93, no. 9, September 2012), there are a few other articles of use to new owners and grapegrowers as well. "Special Report: Wine Industry Finance" by Ben Narasin explores the top 20 lenders specializing in wine industry lending on the West Coast, offering perspectives on the market, services offered, types of credit available, and some useful financing scenarios for assessing a situation. "Leasing Meets Cash-Flow Demands" by Andrew Adams further explores the different ways of acquiring assets.

You can access these articles and more at the Wine Library. Contact us for more information!

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