Play and Learn Island

  • image of the farmer's market module of the Play and Learn Island

    The Farmer's Market is one of the modules of the Play and Learn Island.

The Play and Learn Island™ is a hands-on learning tool with three separate themes of discovery that offer our young patrons opportunities to learn through play. 

Play in the Library?

Babies and young children learn through play. It is their source for information about the world. As part of the the Sonoma County Library’s mission to promote the value and joy of reading, we offer opportunities for young children to play while building skills for learning and literacy in all stages of life.

One such opportunity is through Sonoma County Library's Play and Learn Island™, received in 2013 thanks to a grant written by children's librarian staff. 

The themes of the Play and Learn Island™ include "Discovery Dig", "Big Build", and “Farmer’s Market”.  They incorporate problem solving, sorting, sharing, early literacy skills, design and testing, and collaboration. Their colorful design, scale and varied activities appeal to a range of ages, encouraging families to play and explore together, while they imagine, discover, create, and bring learning to life.

Where is the Play and Learn Island™?

For the 2013-14 grant year, the Play and Learn Island™ traveled between the Healdsburg and the Sebastopol Regional Libraries, where it was stationed in the children’s rooms of each branch.  Moving forward, the Play and Learn Island™ will have the opportunity to travel around the County as different library branches are scheduled to host it to share with their communities.  Check the schedule below to see when the Play and Learn Island™ will come to a library branch near you!

February-March 2018Windsor Regional Library
April-May 2018Cloverdale Regional Library
June-July 2018Rohnert Park-Cotati Regional Library
August-September 2018Sebastopol Regional Library
October-January 2019Roseland Community Library
February-March 2019Rincon Valley Regional Library
April-May 2019Windsor Regional Library
June-July 2019Roseland Community Library
August 2019On hiatus for maintenance

 Join us at the library to dig, build, create, play and learn! 

The Play and Learn Island™ is made possible through the support of a Library Services Technology Act Grant from the California State Library.