Read to a Dog

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Children are invited to Read to a Dog!

This fun program is a proven method for boosting a child’s reading skills. Each child has the chance to read out loud to a quiet and friendly trained therapy dog and adult volunteer. Children may bring their own books to read to a furry friend, or they may borrow a book from the library’s collection.

The patient, nonjudgmental attention these dogs offer helps beginning, struggling, or reluctant readers gain confidence and improve their reading skills. By reading aloud to a certified therapy dog, beginning readers build confidence in reading skills through practicing reading aloud in a safe space.


Sonoma County Library currently partners with three different organizations who train, certify and coordinate volunteers to provide Read to a Dog programs. These organizations are:

To volunteer for the Library Read to a Dog program, please contact these organizations directly for information about training and certification.

Upcoming Events

All Read to a Dog program events.

The Read to a Dog program is currently offered at the following branches:


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