Library Policies for Parents

Library Cards for Kids

Dear Parents,

A free library card gives your child the chance to borrow books, music, movies and magazines from any branch of the Sonoma County Library. Borrowing is free, but fees are charged for lost or damaged materials. By signing your child's library card application, you will be accepting the responsibility to return materials on time and to pay fines. Please join us in making your child's library experience positive, exciting and pleasurable. 

Library Card Applications for Minors

Minors may apply for Library Cards as follows:

General Library Card: Application must be completed by a parent or legal guardian. Parents or legal guardians shall be responsible for all materials borrowed on the minor’s General Library Card.

Limited Use Card: Application may be completed by a minor without the approval of a parent or legal guardian. Library staff do not monitor or restrict minors’ use nor borrowing of Library materials, either inside or outside of a library.

- excerpted from the Library Cards and Borrowing Policy, effective July 1, 2019

You can download a Library Card Application ( also in español)  and fill it out before coming to the library. 

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