School Related Information

A note to parents about class visits...

We are looking forward to your child visiting the library with their class! Here are a few things for you to know about class visits and library card applications. 

  • New library card applications (español) need to be turned in with the packet the teacher returns to the library prior to the class visit date.
  • Your child may or may not be able to check out when visiting the library with their class. This is determined by the length of the visit and a few other factors discussed by the Teacher and the Librarian.
  • If your child is not able to check out while visiting with their class, returning soon after with you will let them showcase all that they learned.  
  • If your child does check out on their class visit, please remember that parents are responsible for returning materials to the library. Returning materials is also a wonderful opportunity to have them show you what they know about the library. 

We look forward to you and your child's visit!