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Food Science and Technology Abstracts

What is Food Science and Technology Abstracts (FSTA)?

This extensive specialized database covers scientific and technological literature relating to food, beverages and nutrition. It is managed by a team of expert scientists within IFIS, a not-for-profit organization with an ongoing commitment to learning and development and a reputation for scientific integrity, accuracy and excellence.

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  • Personalized account access for saving articles

  • More than 1,400,000 records with informative abstracts

  • Records dating back to 1969, with over 1,600 new records added weekly

  • Over 1,000 journals currently covered with historical coverage of more than 4,000 journals

  • Other content coverage includes books, trade publications, reviews, conference proceedings, reports, patents and standards

  • Contains information sourced in 29 languages from 60 countries

  • Records indexed against the IFIS Thesaurus’ more than 13,000 subject keywords, providing an efficient search functionality

  • The FSTA Thesaurus is an essential feature produced by IFIS' expert scientists with extensive knowledge in the sciences of food, including all major commodities, related life and pure sciences, pet foods, processing, safety and economics. 

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