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Sonoma County Library is a Federal Depository Library

The Sonoma County Library has been in partnership with the United States Government Printing Office, through the Federal Depository Library Program, since 1896. We are a selective depository and we receive about 30% of the items published by U.S. agencies that are available though this program.  We primarily serve the people of the 6th Congressional District, but access to all government-published material is free and open to anyone visiting the Central Library in downtown Santa Rosa.

Assistance in using materials in our documents collection is available at the Reference Desk, and anyone with a Sonoma County Library card may check out all circulating materials, including books, periodicals, pamphlets, and CD-ROMs.

Catalog of U.S. Government Publications This is an excellent way to determine if the Sonoma County Library has received a particular document. Once you locate the item you are interested in, click on the Locate in a Library link, type in 707 (our area code) and if we received the item our Directory Information will appear.

Every item in the FDLP Basic Collection is available in printed, microform, or other format at the Central Library, or in electronic form through the links that follow.

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