Our New Library in Roseland

Submitted by edawson on May 7, 2020 - 11:53am

Work continues on our new library in Roseland!

Check out this video showing interior work in progress. We can’t wait to finish and open safely for the Roseland community.

Want more details?

WHERE is the library moving?

From 779 Sebastopol Road to 470 Sebastopol Road (across the street from the current library and half a block east).

WHEN is the library moving?

We are planning the space, ordering shelves and furniture and will be getting building permits, all so that we can set up the branch quickly once our internal improvements are completed. We are working with Anderson Brulé Architects on this project and part of this process is an extensive outreach strategy. We are actively collecting responses to a survey for the new branch and the survey can be found on the Library’s website. We will also be completing a few outreach events in the community as part of this strategy. We had originally planned to be open in January but have been delayed a bit due to unanticipated building requirements associated with the use of the building as a community library. We are working closely with our partners in the City of Santa Rosa in the building process and we look forward to opening.

WHY is the library moving?

The building that houses our current library is slated for demolition to make way for the new Roseland Neighborhood Village project. Our new space will enable us to be open more hours for the community (especially in the after school hours) and have more space to offer more programming to the community. We are also planning to have a community room available for the public to use.

HOW big is the new space?

At approximately 4,500 square feet, it will allow more space for books and programs than we have now. We will also have better defined areas for adults, teen and children.

WILL Roseland have no library between the current and future branch?

Our goal is to not have an interruption of service. We will remain in our current building until we transition to the new building.

WHAT will change at the new location?

We will open more hours, offer more programs and services, have more staff – there will be more of everything!

WILL you still share a space with the Boys & Girls Club?

There is not enough space in our new facility to house both organizations right now but we’re open to a continued partnership with the Boys & Girls Club.

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