Stephen Zollman

Steve Zollman
City of Sebastopol Appointee
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Stephen Zollman is a former San Francisco Public Defender, who represented youth for over eight and half years and adults for four. He continues to be concerned about how exposure to trauma affect youth, particularly those from marginalized parts of the community. Stephen started his own firm to continue to serve the family law needs of low income, people while at the same time advocating for all necessary services. He has experience working within the juvenile dependency, mental health and developmental disabilities as well as the special education systems. One of Stephen’s goals is to increase diversity within the library, to include fostering the leadership of those within communities of color, those of different ethnicities, women, those of differing sexual orientations, gender identities, physical and mental health disabilities and from differing social-economic levels. Believing that future leaders deserve nothing less, another goal is to unite sister agencies to collectively address the needs of their respective patrons/clients. Stephen is also a U.S. Army veteran. He represents the City of Sebastopol on the Library Commission.

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