Reserve a Room

These procedures will detail the process of booking a room at one of the library’s branches based on the policy adopted by the Library Commission in 2016.

I.    Reserving the Room

A.    Please approach the library in person, by telephone or by email to discuss your request. The back-and-forth of the conversation will allow for questions and answers.

Our website Hours and Locations provide branch hours, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses. Please be aware that the following branches do not offer a meeting room: Forestville, Headquarters, Northwest, Occidental and Roseland.

Our website Hours and Locations provide branch hours, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses.

B.    Be prepared with the following:

1.    Who is requesting the room? An organization or a private citizen? Is the use for-profit?
2.    Per the policy, only one meeting can be scheduled at a time. The library generally cannot accommodate recurring meetings.
3.    What date/time are needed, including setup time?
4.    How many attendees?
5.    Do you have/will you bring all of the audiovisual equipment needed?
6.    What other questions would you have about use of the room?

C.    Library staff will help determine if the room can be booked at the time you need. Ultimately, the Branch Manager will make the final decision on booking the room.

D.    If your reservation can be approved, you will need to fill out and sign our booking form, which you will receive from library staff.

1.    The requestor will be notified of the cancellation procedure (see below under II.B and II.C.)

II.    Prior to the event

A.    Make sure to return your Meeting Room Booking Form and any other required materials (permissions, licenses, etc.) in a timely manner. If you don’t return it, the event might be overridden by other reservations.

B.    Should you need to cancel the event, please notify library staff as soon as possible.

C.    In the unlikely and unfortunate event that the library would need to cancel the reservation, library staff will contact you as soon as possible.

III.    Using the Room

A.    Please inform library staff when you have arrived for your meeting.

B.    Feel free to set up the room as you need.

C.    After the event, the room should be returned in the state it was found. Cleanup is your responsibility.

D.    Please inform library staff when you have departed the room.

E.    If the room was booked for commercial use, payment for the room will be collected.