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GenealogyBank retired 9/1/21

A to Z Maps
Contains thousands of political, physical, outline, environmental, antique, and scientific maps. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
A to Z the USA
Encyclopedia of US state and country data. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
A to Z World Culture
Covers society and culture for 175 countries. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
America's News - via NewsBank
A comprehensive collection of reliable news sources covering a wide array of topics and issues. Adults/Teens --More Info
Ancestry Library Edition
Provides resources for genealogical and historical research.
Temporary remote access is being generously provided by Ancestry. Adults --More Info
Archives Unbound
Primary source material covering topics of importance to U.S. and California history.Adults/School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17) --More Info
It’s the world’s easiest way to keep track of all the books you read. When you create a Beanstack account for yourself or your family, you are instantly connected to our seasonal reading programs. Adults/School-Age Children (5-12)/Preschool Children (0-5)/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Biography In Context
Comprehensive database of biographical information on people from throughout history, around the world, and across all disciplines and subject areas. Adults/School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17) --More Info
An easy-to-use website that adds a multimedia dimension to the reading experiences of children's and young adult books. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Classic children’s picture books are paired with a related nonfiction e-book. School-Age Children (5-12) --More Info
Britannica Academic
Encyclopedia Britannica plus Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, magazines and periodicals, and many other research tools. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Britannica School
Britannica School is the go-to site for learning more about any subject—for all grades and all reading abilities—offering thousands of up-to-date, curated, and curriculum-relevant articles, images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, recommended Web sites, and three separate databases—Elementary, Middle, or High.School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Chilton Automotive Repair
Chilton provides authoritative automotive repair information on thousands of year, make and model combinations covering the most popular vehicles of the past 30 years, plus additional coverage of specialty models. The information you need to service or repair virtually any system on your vehicle. Adults --More Info
Consumer Reports
Unbiased product testing, consumer-oriented research, and public education. Adults --More Info
Creativebug is your go-to resource for high-quality, on-trend arts and crafts instructional videos. The service is available to library card holders online and for mobile devices with the Creativebug app. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
CultureGrams provides country and state reports that deliver a perspective on daily life and culture, including the background, customs, and lifestyles of the world's people.School-Age Children (5-17))/Teens (13-17) --More Info
Discover and Go
Discover and Go is a nationally recognized museum pass program that provides library cardholders with free and discounted tickets to local museums and cultural institutions.Adults, School-Age Children (5-17))/Teens (13-17) --More Info
DMV Practice Driving Tests for California
Online practice tests for Car or Motorcycle exams. Three online driver's manuals available. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
EBSCO eBook Collection
Direct access to a over 700 selected reference eBooks added to the Masterfile and Explora databases. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Enki Electronic Books
Log in with your library card number to choose from thousands of fiction and nonfiction e-books. Not Kindle compatible.School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17)/Adults --More Info
enki California Digital Library
Over 5,300 eBooks from leading publishers as well as indie authors. No holds, no wait and no library card required. Available to anyone physically located in the state of California.School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17)/Adults --More Info
Escolar is the leading knowledge-building resource that is universally trusted for accurate and age-appropriate content in Spanish.School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (13-17) --More Info
Explora Educator's Edition
Explora Educator's Edition highlights content relevant to teachers, including lesson plans, curriculum standards, and other professional development resources. Adults  --More Info
Explora for High School
Find full text magazine articles, biographies, images and more on a variety of topics for high school students. Teens (13-17) --More Info
Explora for Middle School
A great place to start when you're looking for information for middle school homework assignments. School-Age Children (5-12) --More Info
Explora for Primary School
Find magazine articles, biographies, images and more on a variety of topics for students in grades K-8. School-Age Children (5-12) --More Info
FIMo - Fire Insurance Maps Online
An extensive historical California map collection with high definition, color and gray-scale images. Adults --More Info
GenealogyBank (retired 9/1/21)
Find birth announcements from small-town newspapers and other hard-to-find documentation of family history.
Adults --More Info
Government Support Index
The Government Support Index is an online service that provides detailed information for all federal domestic programs offering financial and non-financial assistance. Adults --More Info
Health Reference Library
The Health Reference Library database and eBook collection provides information on health topics covering every disease, disorder, illness and wellness category. Included are useful contacts for additional help, support and frequently asked questions. Designed to answer the health questions of patients, families, and caregivers. Adults --More Info
Health Reference Library eBook Collection
The Health Reference Library eBook collection provides online access to all current and future health publications from Omnigraphics, including the Health Reference Series, Teen Health Series and other special edition titles. Adults --More Info
The premier collection of U.S. obituaries and death notices for in-depth genealogical research from 1704 – today. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens/Adults --More Info
Databases include fully indexed and searchable, full-page online views of Census archives for the complete U.S. Federal Census, 1790-1930. Browse through thousands of family and place histories, genealogical books, documents, and official records. Adults --More Info
Historical Magazine Archives from EBSCO
Full text historical runs of select major magazines dating from the 1800’s forward including Architectural Digest (1922-2011), The Atlantic (1857-2014), Bloomberg Businessweek (1929-2000), Forbes (1917-2000), Fortune (1930-2000), Life (1936-2000) and U.S. News & World Report (1926-1984). Adults --More Info
Hoopla Digital
A streaming service that allows Sonoma County Library cardholders to borrow audiobooks, movies, music, comics, ebooks, and television shows and immediately begin watching, listening or reading.Adults --More Info
Patrons may use any image included on the ImageQuest™ Web site for personal non-commercial (not for sale), educational purposes only. Adults/School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17) --More Info
JobNow & VetNow
Free Live Online Help for Job Seekers, Veterans, and their Families. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Kanopy is a streaming movie collection that showcases more than 30,000 of the world's best, classic and groundbreaking films. Adults/School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17)--More Info
Learning Express Tests, Tutorials and Resume Building
LearningExpress Library features nearly 1,000 online tutorials, practice tests, and eBooks to help patrons of all ages improve the skills required for academic and career success. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Legal Information Reference Center
Legal Information Reference Center is a great starting point for researching your legal issue and getting the forms you need. Includes the full text and complete forms from the latest, up-to-date editions of Nolo Press books, written by lawyers for consumers and small business. Adults --More Info LinkedIn Learning Blog - Free Courses On Remote Work, Job Searching And More
COVID-19 has changed the way people are working - many people are working remotely, or unfortunately, not at all. is offering several courses for free to anyone who doesn't currently have a library card. Visit the LinkedIn Learning Blog to find links and more information on following free “learning paths” to help job seekers, educators, remote workers and more. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
LinkedIn Learning (formerly
Effective March 1, 2021, all accounts will transition to LinkedIn Learning. After the transition, all saved materials and course progress on Lynda can be found on LinkedIn Learning. LinkedIn Learning for Libraries provides Sonoma County Library cardholders access to the complete LinkedIn Learning (formerly collection of courses and award-winning video tutorials taught by industry experts covering a variety of topic and skill areas including office productivity applications, databases, spreadsheets, Photoshop, multimedia production, business savvy, specialized applications, organizational skills and Adobe Acrobat. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Una biblioteca digital de 200 libros electrónicos en español para niños.
A digital library with 200 Spanish language eBooks for children.
Preschool Children (0-5), School-Age Children (5-12) --More Info
Mango Languages
Mango Languages is a major language learning service. The service is available to library card holders online and for mobile devices with the Mango app. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
MasterFile Complete - Magazine Articles
Read and download full text articles from more than 2,000 magazines, journals, and newspapers. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
MedlinePlus directs you to information to help answer health questions and contains extensive information about drugs and supplements, and an illustrated medical encyclopedia. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
National Geographic Archives 1888-2015
Magazines issues, images and maps produced by National Geographic from 1888-2015. Adults/ Teens (12-17) --More Info
National Geographic Kids
Books, videos, magazines and pictures produced by National Geographic for children.School-Age Children (5-12) --More Info
The New York Times - At Library Access via SCL wifi available in wifi range at Sonoma County Library branches.
Free access to unlimited New York Times articles and content for Sonoma County Library cardholders when using library computers or Wi-Fi. Adults/ Teens (12-17) --More Info
The New York Times - Remote Access
Check out a free 24 hour pass to access New York Times articles and content from home or on the go. Adults/ Teens (12-17) --More Info
Digital archive of:
- Cloverdale Reveille 1880 to 2004
- The Petaluma Newspapers 1876 to 2018
- The Press Democrat from 1928 to 1997
- Sonoma West Times and News 1895 to 2016
We've made arrangements with our partner, to provide free access to all Sonoma County Library titles during our closure. Please understand that this is a special arrangement to help us during the closure; we will need to go back to limiting access within branches (no remote access) when we reopen. Adults --More Info
NoveList K-8 Plus
Database about books specifically for younger readers. It helps kids find books that are just right for their reading level and interests. Parents, teachers, and librarians can also find tools to teach with books and engage young readers. School-Age Children (5-12)/Preschool Children (0-5) --More Info
NoveList Plus
Powerful resource for readers searching for that next good read. It allows readers to use a favorite author or title as a template to locate other authors and titles of interest. Adults/School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17)/Preschool Children (0-5) --More Info
Borrow and download e-books and e-audiobooks for free through your library. You need your library card number and 4-digit PIN in order to borrow.School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17)/Adults --More Info
OverDrive Magazines
Borrow and download magazines for free through your library. You need your library card number and 4-digit PIN in order to borrow.School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17)/Adults --More Info
Physical Review Journals
Offers high-quality research and review journals to advance and diffuse the knowledge of physics. On site access only through library computers or Wi-Fi Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Points of View
Designed to assist researchers in understanding the full scope of controversial subjects. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Full text of articles from over 2,800 newspapers, newswires, blogs, and other publications in 14 languages from around the world including:
- The Guardian 1992 to Present
- The New York Times 1851 to Present
  (Discontinued as of 7/1/2020. This change does not affect our access to NYT remote from the state.)
- La Opinión 1992 to Present
- Petaluma Argus-Courier 2008 to 2009
- The Press Democrat 1994 to Present
- Reforma 1995 to Present
- El Universal 2005 to Present
- The Wall Street Journal 1984 to Present
- The Washington Post 1987 to Present
Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
ProQuest eLibrary
More than 11,000 Research Topics pages deliver information on a vast array of people, places, historical events and eras, literary genres, current events, broad curricular themes and much more. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17) --More Info
ProQuest Research Companion
A resource to help students do more effective scholarly research with access to journals, books, newspapers and magazines. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Reference Solutions (formerly ReferenceUSA. Business search from Reference Solutions)
Research and analyze U.S. companies, industries, and consumers. Reference Solutions (formerly Reference USA) covers millions of businesses, from major corporations to small businesses and sole proprietorships. It is an excellent source for local business information. Adults --More Info
Salem Press Reference Shelf
Browse Salem Press reference books: Earth Materials & Resources; Earth's Weather, Water, & Atmosphere; Earth's Surface & History; and Physics & Chemistry of the Earth (also available in print at the Central Library). Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
San Francisco Chronicle 1865-1922
A great research resource for genealogists and local historians. Search through the full text of early issues, and see exact copies of the articles as printed on the original pages of the Chronicle. Adults --More Info
San Francisco Chronicle - via NewsBank
The San Francisco Chronicle is a newspaper serving primarily the San Francisco Bay Area of northern California. It was founded in 1865. Adults --More Info
ScienceFlix™ is an online resource that focuses on engaging science content for students spanning grades 4-10. School-Age Children (5-12), Teens (12-17) --More Info
SIRS Discoverer
A general reference database for upper elementary and middle school learners, researchers, and educators covering curriculum areas such as reading, language arts, science, social studies, history, health and technology. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens --More Info
SIRS Issues Researcher
A resource for pro/con issues assignments offering background and analysis on 360+ leading issues. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens --More Info
Small Business Reference Center
Great starting point for researching topics from starting a company, operations management and sales to growing or rescuing a business. It includes the full text and complete forms from the latest, up-to-date editions of Nolo Press books, written by lawyers for consumers and small business. Learn from the experts how to deal with contract and employee issues, minimize taxes, and avoid legal problems in the first place. Adults --More Info
Sonoma Index-Tribune - via NewsBank (Temporary Access)
5,300-circulation newspaper covering all of Sonoma and Sonoma Valley. Adults/Teens (12-17) --More Info
Thousands of resources to explore fiction and nonfiction books used in the K–12 environment.School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens/Adults --More Info
Teen Resource Center
Engaging, easy-to-access topics grouped into the three broad areas of Health, Financial Literacy and Personal Growth. Teens (12-17) --More Info
Free online access to’s 3,600+ expert tutors for one-to-one, real-time tutoring in over 40 subjects and test preparation areas. & Spanish language materials too! School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens/Adults --More Info
Value Line puts you in the driver’s seat with accurate and insightful investment research on companies, industries, markets and economies. From the latest data, sophisticated tools and proven ranks to expert analysis and guidance, Value Line gives you the power to evaluate investments with confidence. Adults --More Info
The Wall Street Journal
24/7 online access to the latest news coverage on the Wall Street Journal website. Note: The sharing of sign-on credentials is not permitted. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens/Adults --More Info
Washington Post (At Library Access)
24/7 online access to the latest news coverage from The Washington Post website. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens/Adults --More Info
Washington Post (Remote Access)
24/7 online access to the latest news coverage from The Washington Post website. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens/Adults --More Info
Wildlife Encyclopedia
Includes descriptive articles, photos, and maps of habitat areas of animals around the world. School-Age Children (5-12)/Teens (12-17) --More Info
WorldCat is the world's largest network of library content. It allows you to search the collections of many libraries at once, including Sonoma County Library and thousands more around the world. Adults --More Info