Text Notices

Effective June 27, 2017, text notification is available for hold, upcoming due date and overdue account notices.  Customers can have the text notifications added by library staff at the circulation desk or choose to add it to their account online themselves.

The text notices are limited to 160 characters. Because of the character limitation, SMS messages cannot contain all the details of email or telephone notices.  Our SMS Notices are designed to simply alert patrons about specific account activities.

Here is the short list of the text notices and the proposed text that we will be sending to customers from Horizon:

  • Hold Notice: Your requested item is now available for pickup at the Central Santa Rosa Library.    Note:  “Central Santa Rosa Library” is an example.  The actual message will reflect the branch where the hold is available.
  • Pre-Overdue Notice: This is a courtesy reminder from your library. One or more borrowed items are due soon.
  • 1st Overdue Notice: You have one or more library items overdue, for which this is the first notice.
  • Final Overdue Notice: You have one or more library items overdue, for which this is the final notice.

What is required to add text notification to my account?

All you need to add text notification to your account is a 10 digit mobile phone that can receive text notices.  The service requires that we add your area code even if you are in Sonoma County.  Texts will be sent to all valid area codes that may be entered with 10 digits (United States calling numbers).

How do I add text notices to my account?

Ask to have text notices added to your account at any Sonoma County Library circulation desk.


Add text notices to your account yourself.

  1. Log into your account and select the Personal Information Tab.
  2. Expand the SMS Notifications Menu and click "New."
  3. Select Home or Mobile as the Type (remember that the phone number must be a mobile phone number to receive text notices).
  4. Enter the number, including area code, in (xxx) xxx-xxxx format.
  5. Check the boxes for the SMS Text Notifications you would like to receive.  Note:  SMS General is a default message that the library is not currently, actively using. We may, in the future, send notices about special events like library closings due to weather.
  6. Click Save.


  • Home - the "Home" type instructs the system to call the phone number with messages about your account in addition to any SMS notices you select
  • Mobile - the "Mobile" type instructs the system not to call the phone number and only to send you the SMS notices you select